Angels Players Power Rankings – Week 14

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Last Week: 1
Mike Trout - I'm not sure which is more impressive: Trout's 489-foot homer or that his OPS for the week was 1.402.
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Last Week: 3
Garrett Richards - Shutting down an opponent despite not having your best stuff? Maybe Richards is an ace now after all.

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Last Week: 2
Josh Hamilton- For the second week in a row, Hamilton whiffed 10 times. It isn't time to be concerned, but it is probably three minutes until time to be concerned.
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Last Week: 6
Jered Weaver - Weaver is on a roll. I'm guessing he is starting to take it personally that Richards and Wilson are getting All-Star hype and his name hasn't been mentioned once despite being the resident veteran ace of the staff.
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Last Week: 5
Albert Pujols - Pujols at least hit for average this week, but no power. However, all I can think about now is the swollen lymph node in his groin. I think I might barf.
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Last Week: 4
C.J. Wilson - 8.2 innings, 16 hits, 10 runs allowed, 2 homers surrendered. Is that you, Joe Blanton?
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Last Week: 7
Erick Aybar - Aybar has been hitting fifth all week, which is crazy, but he slugged .524, so it totally worked.
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Last Week: 9
Kole Calhoun - Calhoun had the kind of great week we'd all be talking about if not for Trout having an even bigger and better week.
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Last Week: 8
Howie Kendrick - The first thing they teach you in Little League is to watch the ball go into your glove, Howie.
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Last Week: 10
Joe Smith - Joe Smith continues to pitch well and is back at the closer, but it seem inevitable that he will continue to pitch well and get demoted back to setup man so a struggling "proven closer" can take his job. That seems fair.
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Last Week: 11
C.J. Cron - Guess what? C.J. Cron can mash against righties, too. That whole Ibanez thing looks worse and worse each day.
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Last Week: 13
Mike Morin - Morin gave up a pair of runs this week, but it still seems pretty clear that he is one of the most reliable guys in the bullpen. Someone should probably let Scioscia know that because I think he might've missed the memo.
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Last Week: 12
Chris Iannetta - Iannetta only got six at-bats this week, but he managed to break his walkless streak. Our long national nightmare is finally over.
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Last Week: 17
David Freese - Wow! A .111 ISO for Freese last week! That's pathetic for most players, but for him that is a downright power surge.
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Last Week: 14
Collin Cowgill - The Halos only faced one lefty last week, but maybe it is time to put an end to the platoon altogether. Sorry, Collin. Nothing personal.
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Last Week: 19
Kevin Jepsen - Jepsen bounced back quite well from his blown saves the week before, the author typed with a great deal of disbelief.
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Last Week: 18
Hector Santiago - Even when Santiago pitches well, he can't get through five innings. Nature is conspiring against him now even.
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Last Week: 15
Hank Conger - Another rough week at the plate has Conger starting to look like a Korean version of Jeff Mathis.

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Last Week: 16
Matt Shoemaker - Welp, so much for the Matt Shoemaker feel good story.
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Last Week: 21
Grant Green - Grant Green was apparently on the Angels all week. Who knew?
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Last Week: 23
Cory Rasmus - I still don't trust him, but Rasmus did enough this week to keep himself off the demotion chopping block for a little while.
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Last Week: 22
John McDonald - The best contribution McDonald made this week was growing his "evil twin" goatee.
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Last Week: n/a
Jason Grilli - Two games in and already Grilli has lost a game for the Angels. Nice to see that the transition from Frieri to Grilli went so smoothly. I hardly even noticed that they replaced each other.
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Last Week: n/a
David Carpenter - The Angels have now used 20 different relievers this year. Had I been told that before the season, I never would've predicted Carpenter cracking that 20.
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Last Week: 20
Ernesto Frieri - Last week's comment for Frieri was "We're done with this whole "Frieri as closer" thing forever, right? Right."

I didn't think the Angels would take it that literally.

Dropped From Rankings: Raul Ibanez (now an active AARP member), Cam Bedrosian (not ready)

Biggest Faller: Frieri, down five spots

Biggest Riser: Jepsen and Freese, up three spots each

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