Angels Players Power Rankings – Week 23

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Last Week: 1
Mike Trout - What happens when the media starts talking about other people overtaking Trout in the AL MVP race? He has an OPS of 1.111 for the week and hits two homers to help his team clobber their division rival. That ought to shut 'em up.
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Last Week: 4
Albert Pujols - Albert found his power stroke again, for at least one swing, and he continues to ramp up his average. Let's just hope his body holds out for two more months.
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Last Week: 5
Jered Weaver - It didn't take long for Weaver to step his game up now that RIchards is gone. HIs seven sparkling innings against the A's was just what the team needed.
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Last Week: 3
Kole Calhoun - See what happens? I finally jump Calhoun over Pujols and then he drops a 2-for-26 stinker this week. I thought you had my back, Kole.

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Last Week: 9
Matt Shoemaker - In his last three starts, Shoemaker has gone 21.2 innings, struck out 22, given eight hits, issued three walks allowed zero runs. How did he go from non-prospect to 1988 Orel Hershiser reincarnate? It's the beard, right?
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Last Week: 6
Huston Street - Seriously, Scioscia. Stop throwing Street four days in a row. Have you seen how many times he's been on the DL in his career? Let's not break the new toy before the post-season starts, mmmkay?
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Last Week: 7
Erick Aybar - Aybar was well on the way to having an awful August, then he went and ripped off nine hits this last week.
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Last Week: 8
Joe Smith - Smith not only had a strong week, but he also managed to avoid losing any games on a wild pitch. Progress!
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Last Week: 13
Chris Iannetta - Iannetta hadn't homered in nearly three months, but homered twice in the Oakland series and slugged .909 overall this week. Timing is everything, even in baseball.
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Last Week: 12
Hector Santiago - Aww! So close. I really thought that the Hector was going to see the seventh inning this week. He's only got a few tries left. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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Last Week: 10
Howie Kendrick - A forgettable week for Howie, but who cares... THE ANGELS SWEPT THE ATHLETICS!!!
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Last Week: 11
David Freese - Freese was the only Angel regular to not have an RBI this week. That's no so much an indictment on Freese but an example of just how well balanced the lineup has once again become.
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Last Week: 15
Kevin Jepsen - After a few wobbly weeks, Jepsen managed to close the month strong. That's a big win for the Halos because I can't remember the last time Jepsen started to slump and actually avoided having the wheels fall off entirely.
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Last Week: 14
Mike Morin - Morin was the only Angel reliever not to pitch the "bullpen game." I bet he felt really left out and lonely sitting out in that bullpen all alone at the end of the night. I hope someone gave him a hug.

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Last Week: 17
Josh Hamilton- Not a great week for Hamilton, but he did have two doubles and only whiffed four times, so it is too early to start worrying about him slumping again. What am I saying? It is NEVER too early to worry about a Hamilton slump.
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Last Week: 16
C.J. Wilson - C.J. Wilson was the only Angels starter to allow an actual run to Oakland this week. You can't do anything right, C.J..
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Last Week: 19
Fernando Salas - Salas still hasn't allowed a run, but his streak of ten appearances with at least one strikeout finally came to an end. That is what qualifies as an actual problem in the suddenly elite Angels bullpen now.
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Last Week: 20
Jason Grilli - Maybe it is just because he is old, but Scioscia seems to be using Grilli very, very carefully. After some recent struggles, this cautious usage makes me think he might be fighting a minor injury.
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Last Week: 21
Cory Rasmus - I assume the "convert Cory Rasmus to a starter full-time" petition has already been started, right?
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Last Week: 18
Collin Cowgill - I'm not sure that Scioscia is even aware that Cowgill is on the team anymore. He isn't starting him against lefties and he even forgot to have him pinch-run for Pujols on Thursday. Another week like that and Cowgill's face is going to end up on the side of a milk carton.
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Last Week: 22
Gordon Beckham - The new scenery has only helped a little bit so far, but Scioscia already seems to be in love with his new utility infielder pet.
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Last Week: 23
Efren Navarro - Navarro's role has been greatly diminished to the point he was demoted in the roster shuffle this week. The question is will he have an actual role waiting for him when he gets back from mini-vacation?
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Last Week: 24
Hank Conger - It is a good thing that Conger can frame the hell out of a pitch, because he is almost entirely useless otherwise now.
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Last Week: 25
John McDonald - JOHN MCDONALD GOT A HIT!!! Sure, it was by accident, but it still counts.
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Last Week: n/a
Yoslan Herrera - By all appearances, Herrera is just terrible, but his entire Angels career was justified by that unlikely double play ball he coaxed out of Jonny Gomes.

Dropped From Rankings: Garrett Richards (exploded knee), Efren Navarro (lost in the roster shuffle shell game)

Biggest Faller: Cowgill, down two spots

Biggest Riser: Shoemaker and Iannetta, up four spots each

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