MWAH Angels Trade Deadline Rumor Tracker (Updated – 7/22)

The MWAH Rumor Tracker is back! The trade deadline is fast approaching and the Angels figure to be quite active in at least exploring trades, but that whole “horrible farm system” thing might inhibit how many rumors they will actually pull off. Still, we can track the rumors here all the same. So check back here often as we update the tracker with each new rumor and analyze it along with our patented SciosciaFaceTM rating system.


Cliff Lee

7/22 - If there is any hope of one more big impact deal for the Angels before the deadline, that hope lies in Cliff Lee... but only barely. We know that the Angels had scouts at his recent start, but we also know that Lee has the Angels on his lengthy no-trade list. That might just be a bargaining tactic for Lee, but it is a hurdle that needs to be cleared. The bigger hurdle though is coming up with the kind of prospects it would take to get the Phillies to give up Lee. The only reason they have any chance is that a big part of any Lee deal will be how much of the remaining salary on his annual $25 million that the acquiring team picks up (not to mention the $25 million in 2015 and the potential vesting option in 2016). That's one place where Arte Moreno can put the Angels into the mix, but even then it likely means paying the luxury tax and still would probably require more prospect talent than the Angels can afford to surrender.

Ian Kennedy

7/22 - There were talks at one point for the Halos to acquire a package of Ian Kennedy and Huston Street, but that obviously didn't happen. Now the Padres basically have all the Angel prospects they liked, so there is no more reason for the two sides to talk. Oh, well.

David Price

7/22 - A few pundits tried to pitch the Angels as a frontrunner for Price, but that was never going to be and that was BEFORE the Angels gave away a bunch of assets to add Huston Street. Now the cupboard is bare when it comes to making a blue chip acquisition like Price. Plus, the Rays are eeking back into the AL East race, so Price may not get traded at all now.

Dillon Gee

7/22 - Jerry Dipoto said he was pretty much done looking for trades, but he's still got guys scouting starting pitchers. They don't have a lot of assets to deal, so all the big names should be off their shopping list, but a lesser name like Gee could still be on there. He won't be cheap, but he won't cost top flight prospects, which is good, because the Angels don't have any of those. Still, the Halos have only been linked to Gee via speculation, so there may not be any fire accompanying this smoke.
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