Halo Headlines: the Angels have a bullpen problem, potential landing spot for Scherzer?

The December 30th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including the Angels have a bullpen problem, could be a potential landing spot for Max Scherzer and much more…

The Story: The losses of Jason Grilli and Kevin Jepsen means the Angels now have a bullpen problem.
The Monkey Says: I disagree, X gets the square. Yes, losing those two weakens the pen as does the theoretical regression of Street and Smith. However, weakened doesn’t equal a problem. It means only that they won’t be as good and, by the end of the year, they were REALLY good. The writer here also dismisses any improvement from Morin, Bedrosian and Rasmus without any real reasoning. If those three step up (and Vinnie Pestano, who I am very high on, contributes), especially Bedrock Jr., the bullpen could be great again. If they don’t, it should still be good enough to contend.

The Story: The Angels are one of 11 potential landing spots for Max Scherzer.
The Monkey Says: Or not. The author lists them but then pretty much dismisses the idea. This whole column is of the “throw shit against the wall and see if it sticks variety.” He now has an 11-out-of-30 chance of being right about where Scherzer will sign. Good job, good effort.

The Story: Catching prospect Carlos Perez is flourishing in the Venezuelan Winter League.
The Monkey Says: Winter ball performance is almost meaningless. The only meaning it has is that it is better that Perez is flourishing rather than languishing.

The Story: Looking at the current team projections for each AL team.
The Monkey Says: Steamer has the Halos winning 84 games. I certainly don’t see them winning 98 again, but I also think they should win at least 88, barring any catastrophic injuries.

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