Halo Headlines: Mike Trout on path to Hall of Fame, Don Baylor predicts ‘monster’ season for Josh Hamilton

The January 7th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Mike Trout on path to Hall of Fame, Don Baylor predicts 'monster' season for Josh Hamilton and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout is on the path to the Hall of Fame.

The Monkey Says: It is scary to think that Trout could compile a HOF-worthy career WAR before he even turns 30.

The Story: Don Baylor predicts a monster 2014 season for Josh Hamilton.

The Monkey Says: Obviously Baylor is biased since he is the new hitting coach. But the issue is that he is the *new* hitting coach. He can't possibly have worked with Hamilton that much since being hired to be able to make that kind of a claim and back it with any real substance. That being said, I expect Hamilton to be better in 2014, but for him to suddenly rebound to near-MVP level would be pretty surprising, though not entirely impossible given that he is such a unique player that trying to predict anything with him seems like a fool's errand.

The Story: Mark Mulder is going to need a lot of luck in his comeback effort.

The Monkey Says: Similar to a post from Beyond the Boxscore last week. There is more digging into pitchers who have tried to comeback like Mulder and suffice it to say, he probably shouldn't be buying any real estate in Orange County anytime soon.

The Story: A PITCHf/x look at Masahiro Tanaka.

The Monkey Says: I post this mainly as wishful thinking that this will be relevant to the Angels three weeks from now.

The Story: The good and bad of signing Matt Garza.

The Monkey Says: And I post this because I am ultimately pragmatic and know that the Angels have a poor chance of signing Tanaka and will likely have to settle for Garza.

The Story: The best historical team one can create from players that never won a World Series, MVP, Cy Young or got into the Hall of Fame.

The Monkey Says: A whole lot of Angel representation on this list.

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