Prop bets for the rest of the Angels season

I am such a naughty blogger. Here we are 45 games into the season and I completely failed to provide an obligatory first quarter of the season report card or some similar such nonsense. I should be ashamed for falling asleep on the job like that. If I’m not careful, the bloggerati is going to kick me out of my mom’s basement, or worse… make me put on some pants.

I’ve just been spending so much time trying to provide thoughtful, analytical posts, that I forgot to be whimsical and snarky. To make amends, I offer you these prop bets for the rest of the Angels’ season. After all, the first quarter of the season does typically align with the point at which most statistics are considered to be stable and reliable in terms of having a sufficient sample size. It is not quarter report card, but I hope that this suffices as it is an interactive experience where you all can submit your picks for me to mock and/or praise at the end of the season. Probably mock.

Anyway, I’ve created a form below for you to submit your selections for all of the various prop bets. Go ahead and submit them and at the end of the year, I’ll announce a winner and a loser. There might even be a prize involved (SPOILER ALERT: there probably won’t be a prize because I’ll forget until right before the last minute):

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