Rehashing the already rehashed Angels spring storylines

Oh, yes, it is that time of year again. Spring Training has begun! But since the first few weeks of spring training are really just all the players jogging, playing catch and doing calisthenics, there isn't much to talk about. That''s why just about every publication is falling over itself to tell you what the "big" storylines are for each team headed into camp. So many storylines!

Storylines? More like, snorey-lines, am I right? Or maybe borey-lines? Does that work better? Whatever. Look, we all follow our team pretty closely. When you tell us about the main storylines, you are pretty much telling us something we are already aware of. Most of us aren't learning anything new here. Writers are just making sure they hit their daily content requirement. To that end, let me help you boil down the "main" storylines for the Halos.

Can Albert Pujols be healthy and productive?
Pujols is totally healthy! Probably! We think. Well, that's what he keeps telling us, so…. maybe?

Mike Trout's contract extensions negotiations
Has he signed yet? How about now? OK, how about now? Now? Wait, I blinked for a second. DId I miss it? How about now? Is it going to be for $200 million? $250 million? $300 million? $400 million? $1 billion? All of the billions? Nobody knows! We are all just guessing.

The Angels haven't made the playoffs in four straight seasons!
They haven't? Why didn't someone tell us this before? Was this in the news? I, for one, am shocked to learn about this. I mean, it isn't likely it has been mentioned ad nauseam the entire second half of last season then twice as often this winter. So, please, please keep talking about this.

This time, the Angels didn't spend and don't have as much pressure
Sure, the "no pressure" is somewhat antithetical to the constant hammering on them about their playoff drought, but it makes for a good narrative, so shut up. The last two Angels teams have been "the new Yankees" and "big spenders." Everyone loves to see the big spenders fall. But these Angels are "post-hype" or "sleepers." Everyone loves sleepers! Sure, the roster isn't all that different than the roster of the previous two years, but now they are loveable underdogs because, well, the media says so. Hooray!!!

Who will be in the last two rotation spots?
Um, I'm actually OK this one because nobody is really sure and Dipoto forgot to go out and get that veteran fifth starter that was supposed to make this decision easy. Oops!

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