Sean Newcomb is your new favorite Angels prospect

Your new favorite Angels prospect is… Sean Newcomb!

Taken with the 15th pick in this year’s amateur draft, Newcomb now immediately becomes the crown jewel of the Angels’ farm system based on his draft status alone. Well, that and because the Angels farm system isn’t very good and their top prospects entering the year have either graduated to the majors or gotten off to a disappointing start in the minors.

But enough about the farm system, let’s talk about the Newcomb selection. First and foremost, this was not the player anyone expected the Angels to draft. Every single mock draft leading up to today had them landing C/OF Kyle Schwarber, who unexpectedly went #4 to the Cubs, or SP Tyler Beede, who came off the board the pick prior to the Angels. Of course, that meant that someone the Angels weren’t counting on being available being available to them. That player LHP Sean Newcomb, whom they gladly snatched up.

It was known coming into this draft that the Halos wanted one of the top college arms with Newcomb being on that list. They just didn’t think he would fall to them, which makes this pick a real coup for the Dipoto regime.

Newcomb is a southpaw hurler from Hartford University, a small school that produced Jeff Bagwell but not a whole lot else. Despite the small school rap, Newcomb is generally considered to be quite polished, which is exactly what the Angels need as they starting pitchers in the upper levels and Newcomb figures to move very quickly. Some have even suggested he could reach the majors this year in a relief role, but that seems like a stretch. Even without the polish, Newcomb is a lefty that can touch 97 MPH, which is a pretty great thing to have and why he is already drawing comparisons to Jon Lester. That’s really all I can tell you though, I’m no scout. Go use the Google and find plenty of other more compelling scouting reports on Newcomb.

The important thing is that Newcomb was a guy the Angels probably never thought they would get, but they got him anyway. This is cause for celebration.

On a sidenote, if we don’t start calling him Duke, we’ve failed as a society.

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