Series Preview: Angels vs. Astros vs. Redemption

It was only a short few months ago that I pointed out how much better the Angels’ 2013 season would’ve looked if only they had been able to dominate the Astros like everyone else. Now, the Angels get a chance to right that wrong. They also get a chance to right their metaphorical ship that is their 2014 season after getting swept out of the Big A by the Mariners. There is very much a “here we go again” feeling around the Angels right now, but thoroughly trouncing Houston would go a long way towards making that feeling go away.


Thanks to the magic of interleague and league switching, the Angels and Astros had scarcely played each other before last season. Thanks to the Angels being complete choke artists, they actually got their butts handed to them by the Astros in 2013. Now the Halos trail the overall series 12-13. That’s going to have to change starting with this series, otherwise the Halosphere is going to be thrown into utter chaos.

FRIDAY, 4/4: Garrett Richards vs. Lucas Harrell

All of these are going to be small samples, but I think with Richards there is sufficient reason for him to fear Chris Carter. Other than that, I’m quite eager to see what Richards can do in his very first start as an unquestioned member of the rotation.

It looks like the more people face Harrell, the more they clobber him. That’s very exciting. Anything involving the bottom two-thirds of the order actually producing is exciting right now.

SATURDAY, 4/5: Tyler Skaggs vs. Dallas Keuchel I’m not going to bother with Skaggs. He’s only faced Jesus Guzman who has walked twice and homered once in seven plate appearances. Otherwise, Skaggs has no experience because, well, he has no experience in general.

Basically, Josh Hamilton is the only Angel that hasn’t pounded Keuchel in his career. They better not lose this game.

SUNDAY, 4/6: Jered Weaver vs. Scott Feldman

Weaver only has one start against the Astros. It went pretty well. Let’s reserve judgment going forward because one has to assume even the ‘Stros can catch up to his “heat.”

Scott Feldman, our old friend! Boy, are the Angels going to be happy to see you. Aybar, Kendrick and Ibanez have all seen him quite a bit and based on their past results, they’re going to be anxious to face him some more.

SUNDAY, 4/7: C.J. Wilson  vs. Jarred Cosart

Wilson has had a few homer problems with Houston, but he’s mostly held them in check. As for Cosart, he is a rookie and all he has in terms of match-up experience is getting Raul Ibanez out twice.

I want to predict a sweep, but I think 3-1 is probably how this series goes for the Angels. I don’t see how this bullpen is going to successfully hold onto four leads in a row with that screwing it up at least once.

UNOFFICIAL PREDICTION (so don’t hold me to it)
The Angel offense will finally live up to the hype and score 30+ runs over the four games. Also, Bo Porter will not make any illegal pitching substitutions this time around.

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