Series Preview: Angels vs. Athletics vs. Luck

Ernesto Frieri seems to think that the Angels got swept by the A’s last month because the A’s are just so darn lucky. Maybe there is some truth in that. After all, Mike Trout did miss time in that series with his back injury. The Angels also did fall victim to some unlucky bounces and poorly timed poor outings from their starters. They also played like crap. THOSE LUCKY ATHLETICS!

Maybe it is just because the A’s wear green. How do they do it? No worries though because Ernesto predicted victory. Everything is going to be A-OK, everyone. We probably shouldn’t even bother watching the games since the outcomes are predetermined by Ernestrodamus.


Look, I know the Angels got swept by the A’s last time. You know the Angels got swept by the A’s last time. None of the games were even all that close either. Why live in the past?

MONDAY, 6/9: Garrett Richards vs. Jesse Chavez

Last we saw Richards face Oakland, he didn’t survive the first inning. Even before that miserable game, Richards didn’t have a great track record against the A’s. Still, he has to be better this time, right? Right? RIGHT?!

Chavez has been demolished by Erick Aybar and Albert Pujols in a small sample of work. This year though, Chavez pretty much shoved it right at the Halos in a dominant seven-inning, nine-strikeout start.

TUESDAY, 6/10: Tyler Skaggs vs. Drew Pomeranz

Skaggs has faced Oakland twice now this year and both times he has been just OK. Last month though he was actually rolling through six innings before everything fell apart and the bullpen let him down. Hopefully he can hold it together a bit better this series.

Walks and homers have been the problem for Pomeranz against the Halos. Pomeranz started against the Angels last month and got roughed up, but Oakland roughed the Angels up worse. Sigh.

WEDNESDAY, 6/11: Jered Weaver vs. Tommy Milone

Last time around, we talked all about how Weaver was so excellent against Oakland in the past. A fat lot of good that did him. His numbers are still good, but suffice it to say that there is a lot less confidence in Jered to lay waste to Oakland’s lineup this turn.

The converse of Weaver, Milone has gotten hammered by the Angels in his career. Still, he did beat the Angels last time, though that was largely because the Halos went into Red LOBster mode. Now Milone won’t even have his precious home park to back him. All historical indicators suggest the Angels should win this match-up in a walk, but sometimes history is stupid.

Well, gosh. This is quite the predicament. Here I am reprimanding Frieri for making predictions and now I am forced through the format of my series previews to make one of my own. Well, hypocrisy be damned. I think Ernesto will actually be somewhat vindicated with the Angels taking two of three.

UNOFFICIAL PREDICTION (so don’t hold me to it)
Ernesto Frieri will blow a save in epic fashion, just so he learns not to run his mouth again.

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