Series Preview: Angels vs. Braves vs. No trades, please

I’d like the Angels to win this series, I would. But all I really want is for the Halos to get out of Atlanta without Jerry Dipoto making another trade with the Braves.

As we all know, Dipoto triggered two deals with the Braves last year. The most recent was loaning Downs to Atlanta for Cory Rasmus. Downs was a solid pitcher and Rasmus is… well, I don’t really know. He doesn’t appear to be any good which is a real disappointment because everyone felt like the Angels didn’t get enough as it was. Rasmus not panning out this far makes it look even worse.

And then there is the Tommy Hanson trade. Just woof. Hanson was terrible for the Angels in his one year before getting non-tendered. Now.. now I don’t know what he does. I think he might’ve made me a frappucino in Starbucks this morning, but I can’t be sure. Walden has been injury-prone and inconsistent, but he’d still be a nice arm to have in the bullpen.

So, yeah, no more trades, please, Jerry.


The Braves and Angels have locked horns all of nine times with the Angels winning five, including taking two of three in their last match-up back in 2011. Plus there was that time that Darin Erstad basically ended Johnny Estrada‘s career in 2005.

FRIDAY, 6/13: C.J. Wilson vs. Aaron Harang
The problem with interleague is there isn’t a lot of match-up history, even for veterans like Wilson. Really the only Brave that he has faced for decent sample size is B.J. Upton. You’re not going to believe this, but Upton has struggled against Wilson with just three hits, 13 strikeouts and no extra-base hits in 31 plate appearances. Turns out B.J. Upton isn’t very good at baseball, you guys.

A journeyman like the Harangutan is exempt from the interleague play limit on match-up history. Harang has faced Albert Pujols just a ton. Unsurprisingly, Pujols has hammered him. In fact, almost all the Angels that have seen even a little bit of Harang have hit him pretty well. Turns out Aaron Harang isn’t very good at baseball, you guys.

SATURDAY, 6/14: Garrett Richards vs. Gavin Floyd
Richards has faced only Justin Upton, who is 1-for-4 with a single. That’s it. Moving on.

As a whole, the Angels are slugging .745 against White Sox ex-pat Floyd. They’ve accounted for nine homers, three of which were by Raul Ibanez, so this might be his one last chance to do something productive (though I doubt he starts since there is no DH, oh well). Chris Iannetta is o-for-11 against Floyd, but just about everyone else has hit Floyd pretty hard. Turns out Gavin Floyd isn’t very good at baseball, you guys. What? He has a 2.57 ERA? Hmm, I’m still going to say he isn’t very good.

SUNDAY, 6/15: Hector Santiago vs. Mike Minor
Santiago has faced Gerald Laird once and Ryan Doumit seven times, that’s it. He probably won’t see either one of them though except as a pinch-hitter, even then probably not. The real story with Santiago is that he gets another chance to prove he is fixed and should stay in the rotation. He’ll also get a chance to atone for forgetting that he had to bat last time he played in an NL park.

Minor has no history of note. You could call it a “minor” history.

/waits for applause

Thank you!

The Angels will once again be unable to complete the sweep. They’ll win the first two, but Hector Santiago will bring his gas can to the mound on Sunday Night Baseball, failing to make it out of the fourth inning. Just like old times!

UNOFFICIAL PREDICTION (so don’t hold me to it)
An undercover LA Times reporter will catch Arte Moreno consorting with Braves executives over how it was they got Cobb County to foot the bill for their new stadium.

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