Series Preview: Angels vs. Mets vs. Welcome back, Terry

The Angels get saddled with their first interleague series of the year but also get the unique pleasure of welcoming back the last (non-interim) Angels manager prior to Scioscia, Terry Collins. Hopefully he has to quell a clubhouse uprising, just for old time’s sake.


These two teams entered the league within a year of each other, but they have only played 12 times with the most recent being 2011. Naturally, they have split. I guess that means there are bragging rights on the line?

FRIDAY, 4/11: Tyler Skaggs vs. Dillon Gee
No graph needed because Skaggs has never faced a single Met in his MLB career. I have the feeling after this game, he is going to wish he could face them a whole lot more.

Gee has very little history versus the Angels, but it is a good one. In 22 plate appearances (mostly against David Freese), he has allowed just four singles and a walk but also has four GIDPs. That’s a hell of a GIDP ratio, especially when you consider that only one came from Freese.

SATURDAY, 4/12Jered Weaver vs. Jon Niese

Weaver has basically just faced Curtis Granderson, which is interesting because I had forgotten Granderson was on the Mets. What is concerning is that Granderson kind of owns Weaver having clubbed five dingers off of him in just 30 plate appearances. With the problems Jered has had with homers this season, that is quite foreboding.

Niese has a bit more experience with the Halos than Gee, but not nearly the same success. Ibanez has faced him a fair amount with decent success. Freese has never reached base against him, but other than that, the guys he has seen have hit him.

SUNDAY, 4/13C.J. Wilson vs. Bartolo Colon

Once again, it is almost all Granderson. Fortunately, C.J. has been able to keep Curtis in the yard. He hasn’t shut Granderson down though, despite the platoon advantage.

Our old friend, Bartolo Colon. We all know far too well the recent success he has had against the Halos and the stats bare that out. Mike Trout has his number, but that’s about it. Howie Kendrick has one hit in 19 plate appearances and Erick Aybar has the only non-Ibanez walk against Colon. Speaking of Ibanez, he has 75 plate appearances against Colon. 75! That’s what happens when too old guys face each other, I guess. Raul has a respectable average and OBP against Colon, but he has just one homer and three doubles, so he doesn’t square him up real well it seems.

A 2-1 series win for the Angels. Sorry, but they just can’t beat Bartolo Colon. His belly fat is just so mesmerizing that it somehow disables their abilities.

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UNOFFICIAL PREDICTION (so don’t hold me to it)
Weaver figures it out. I’m not sure he’ll keep it figured out, but I think he is going to get his act together against the Mets, going seven innings allowing one run on five hits, no walks, no homers and six strikeouts.

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