Series Preview: Angels vs. Orioles vs. Rumorless

Ten days to go before the trade deadline and the Angels have gone and exited the rumor mill. Where’s the fun in that?

With the Halos squaring off against a division leader, this should be the kind of thing seen as a measuring stick and motivate them to make more deals, but Jerry Dipoto had to go and suck all the drama out of things by making three trades well in advance of the deadline. I guess we will just have to settle for watching this really good roster continue to play at a very high level. I guess that works as a consolation.

These teams haven’t faced each other this year. Overall, the Angels lead the head-to-head series with a healthy 345-290 record. Last year though, the Orioles took two of seven from the Halos, so recent history is certainly on their side.


This was a tough call. I could’ve gone with Darren O’Day here, but that is largely just based on my own fetishization of submarine relievers. Don’t get me wrong, letting O’Day go was a mistake, but there is only so much lost value in a reliever like him. The bigger loss is certainly Miguel Gonzalez. As you likely know, Gonzalez was in the Halo farm system for a few years but washed out at Double-A in 2007. Why? I’m not totally sure because he had pretty solid numbers. Anyway there must’ve been something because he didn’t emerge in American ball again until 2010. He’s since gone on to be a solid mid-rotation starter for the O’s from 2012 through date, although he is vastly overachieving against his FIP. More to the point though, Gonzalez has faced the Angels three times and allowed just five runs in 21 innings

MONDAY, 7/21: Matt Shoemaker vs. Bud Norris
Shoemaker has never face anyone on the Orioles. He has also never faced an actual oriole.

I never would’ve guessed this, but Bud Norris actually kind of owns Albert Pujols, dating back to when they were both in the NL Central. David Freese, however, has been highly successful against him. So has Mike Trout, but that’s just what Trout does. On the other hand, the Angel middle infield and catching tandem have had a real hard time against Norris, so it will be curious to see what machinations Scioscia employs, though his options might be limited based on Erick Aybar‘s health.

TUESDAY, 7/22: Hector Santiago vs. Miguel Gonzalez

Santiago hasn’t faced the Orioles much, but he has been pretty successful overall, but his numbers against their core players, Jones, David and Machado are kind of ugly. But it is still a pretty small sample. The bigger question here might be if Santiago will be limited after working 2.2 innings back on Monday.

The aforementioned Gonzalez has been pretty excellent against the current crop of Halos except for Mike Trout, who has homered off him twice in nine plate appearances.

WEDNESDAY, 7/23: Jered Weaver vs. Chris Tillman

Weaver’s only problem in the Baltimore lineup appears to be Adam Jones. Most everyone else he has held down quite well, especially Nelson Cruz and Chris Davis, which will come in handy given Jered’s homer problems this year.

Tillman really hasn’t faced the Angels much, but I was on a chart making roll, so enjoy the pretty, but meaningless, colors.

Angels will win two of three. No real reason other than the Halos are at home.

UNOFFICIAL PREDICTION (so don’t hold me to it)
Huston Street will blow a save in this series, just to send everyone into a post-trade letdown shame spiral.

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