Series Preview: Angels vs. Rangers vs. the worst

No team’s fan base delighted in the struggles of the Angels last year than Rangers fans. It was so very frustrating to see them dancing on the Halos’ grave.

That is why it is so, very, VERY sweet to see Texas where they are right now. That would be the basement. The basement of the AL West. The basement of the AL. The basement of the ENTIRE LEAGUE. Yep, the Rangers are the WORST team in baseball.

I know that I should act like I am above such petty things, but this situation is just so deliciously good.

Oh, yeah, that’s the stuff.

Mmmm. It’s so good once it hits your lips.

I think I might have to go back for a second helping.

The dropped two of three to Texas back in early May, but that was before the wheels completely came off for the Rangers. Back in June, the Angels swept the Rangers, a series that sparked their recently-ended home winning streak. Alas, the Halos will be on the road this time around which will be their first trip to Arlington in 2014.

It seemed like only last year that the Rangers had a whole slew of former Halos on the roster, but now that is no longer the case. In fact, the closest thing they have (having recently released Joe Saunders) is Carlos Pena, who spent Spring Training with the Angels, only to be cut. Pena only recently signed with the Rangers and has compiled a whopping .471 OPS in 15 games with them. So, yeah, not a big loss by the Halos. For what it is worth though, Pena has been an Angel-killer historically, with an actual whopping .953 OPS against them in his long, well-traveled career.

THURSDAY, 7/10: Hector Santiago vs. Colby Lewis

Santiago has been hit hard in limited experience with the Rangers. He did make one start against them this year. He was not good in that start and lost it, because that is what Santiago does.

Lewis has been having a real rough season, but he has had a fair amount of success against the Angels in the past. He beat them once already this year in a solid, by his standards, performance.

FRIDAY, 7/11Garrett Richards vs. Nick Tepesch

Richards has good numbers against Texas and beaten them twice this year, however in both outing he was only able to go six innings. So at least they are making him work hard for it.

Tepesch has somehow only faced the Angels once, and that was last September. He didn’t make it out of the fourth inning of that game, though I believe that was due to injury, if memory serves.

SATURDAY, 7/12Jered Weaver vs. Miles Mikolas

Weaver had a stellar start against Texas the last time these teams met up with Jered allowing just one run in eight innings. Historically, Weaver has done well against the currently healthy members of the Rangers roster. He’s owned Adrian Beltre and Alex Rios, but Shin-Soo Choo has his number as does Elvis Andrus, at least as far as Andrus can have someone’s number offensively.

I don’t ever recall seeing him, but Mikolas has faced eight Angel batters in the past. Apparently he was with the Padres then. I’ll just have to take Baseball-Reference’s word for it.

SUNDAY, 7/13Tyler Skaggs vs. Phil Irwin
Skaggs has a very brief, but very brutal history against Texas. He got hammered by the Rangers back in May allowing six runs before being yanked with two outs in the third inning. He did also face them once in 2013 with Arizona and put up six shutout innings, so there is at least some hope.

Irwin is making his third career start. He is the 12th pitcher to start for Texas this year because that is just the kind of year they have had.

As a result of me flaunting the Rangers’ struggles, the Angels will somehow end up splitting this series as part of my karmic retribution.

UNOFFICIAL PREDICTION (so don’t hold me to it)
Hector Santiago will finally pick up his first victory. I really don’t care about pitcher wins, but it seems like he just has to get a win before the All-Star break, right?

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