Series Preview: Angels vs. White Sox vs. Throwback

There is no real interesting storyline between these two teams other than maybe the Angels trying to trade with the ChiSox at the deadline, but even that seems doubtful. Instead, all I am really hoping for is that these two squads see fit to wear their throwback uniforms. It isn’t on the schedule, so it won’t happen, but I can always hope. I just think both teams wearing their 1980’s era uniforms would look fantastic. Strong cases could be made for both teams to revert back to those uniforms full-time, or at least modernized versions. Who would be against this?

Instead, the Angels are in Chicago during Polish heritage night and I have the feeling that means the White Sox will wear some ugly Polish-ized version of their uniforms. I don’t exactly know what it will look like, but I’m sure it will be an abomination.


The Angels swept the Pale Hose in early June in their only meeting. That broke the franchise record tie between the two teams, so the Halos now have a three-game edge. Two of those June games were saved by Ernesto Frieri which is… awkward.

MONDAY, 6/30: Garrett Richards vs. Hector Noesi
Richards has too short of a history against the White Sox to worry about. Besides, those that did face him faced him pre-2014, aka pre-Garrett Richards being good.

The Angels have faced Noesi once this year, but that was with the Mariners, two DFAs ago. Despite his general crappiness, Noesi has done decently in limited history against the Halos. Mike Trout has hit him hard, but he’s locked up Albert Pujols. Still, history suggests that Noesi just isn’t any good.

TUESDAY, 7/1: Jered Weaver vs. Scott Carroll

Weaver was the only pitcher among this list of probables involved in the last series. He pitched decently, striking out a season-high nine, but walking a season-high four. Historically, he’s handled the Chicago bats very well, save for Adam Dunn who plagued the Angels in the last match-up.

Carroll faced the Angels back in June and that was his lone appearance against them. While it was a relief outing, he logged 4.1 innings of fairly effective mop-up work. However, now the Angels have seen him once.

TUESDAY, 7/2: Tyler Skaggs vs. John Danks
Skaggs has never faced a single South Sider. This is his first start back from the DL (well, we assume it will be as it has not yet been made official), so the more interesting aspect is just to see how much rust, if any, he has.

Danks hasn’t faced many Angels, but of the four he has faced, he has seen three of them quite a bit. Josh Hamilton has demolished Danks. Howie Kendrick has had modest success. Erick Aybar has been unable to touch him. The unifying thread between those three distinct levels of success is that none of the players has drawn a single walk off Danks. That’s kind of weird because he has a walk rate that is a bit above league average this year and has been close to league average throughout his career. I don’t think it means anything. It is just weird.

Just two out of three wins in this one. Specifically, I am a bit dubious about Skaggs coming back strong.

UNOFFICIAL PREDICTION (so don’t hold me to it)
Mike Scioscia will give Jason Grilli a save opportunity in this series. He will convert it, but it will be a very anxious inning.

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