Series Preview: Angels vs. White Sox vs. Tiebreaker

Time to break a tie. A tie you say? Yes, a tie in baseball.


Oh, this is delightful! The Angels and White Sox are tied at 351-351 in their overall series. There is actually a game not counted there that finished in a tie itself. I can’t say that I know why though (I’m not that old). But still, two ties for the price of one! Ties in baseball!! Ties on ties on ties!

FRIDAY, 6/6: Jered Weaver vs. Andre Rienzo

Weaver hasn’t seen these White Sox much, but that is probably more of a function of their roster turnover than anything else. The guy he has faced the most is Paul Konerko, but this isn’t the same Paul Konerko anymore. He’s done well against Alexei Ramirez and nobody else really has a significant sample of data against Jered.

Rienzo is a rookie who has never faced the Angels. I can, however, confirm that he is an actual living person. So I’m not completely without information on him. You’re welcome.

SATURDAY, 6/7: Matt Shoemaker vs. Chris Sale
Shoemaker has never faced any White Sox players, which is kind of a shame that I guy name SHOEmaker has never faced anyone from the SOX. Shoe beats sock! It is like some weird version of paper-rock-scissors.

SPOILER ALERT: Chris Sale is pretty good. The Angels haven’t seen much of him, but nobody has more than one hit or one walk against him. Albert Pujols is the only one to get an extra-base hit, which was a homer. Don’t be surprised if this is a game where the

SUNDAY, 6/8: C.J. Wilson vs. Jose Quintana

Wilson’s story is almost exactly the same as Weaver’s only Ramirez has actually hit Wilson pretty well. Personally, I just hope C.J. takes some Theraflu before this outing otherwise I am going to be the one throwing up.

You’ll be interested to know that Quintana was also discussed as a trade target in the deal that brought Hector Santiago to the Angels. Quintana has 3.31 ERA this year. Santiago doesn’t, even in the minors. So, there’s that. As for his history against the Angels, those who have faced him, save Aybar, have knocked him around pretty well.

Everyone is starting to get a little panicky again, so now seems like the perfect time for the Angels to bust out the broom! I know beating Sale won’t be easy, but like I said, SHOE beast SOX!

UNOFFICIAL PREDICTION (so don’t hold me to it)
Someone on the active roster as of right now, 2 PM on Friday, will be on the DL by 2 PM on Monday. Just a hunch.

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