VIDEO: President Obama compares Farm Bill to Mike Trout

Mike Trout does a lot of things on the baseball field. He hits, he runs, he fields. Ultimately, he is the best there is at creating runs. It turns out though that he is pretty good at other things completely unrelated to baseball.

Don't believe me? Just ask President Barack Obama who says that Mike Trout now creates jobs, too.

Oh, the Farm Bill does that? I guess I got confused. There's a reason this isn't a political blog. Suffice it to say that Mike Trout at least leads the league in being used in metaphors by the most powerful man in the world. So he has that going for him, which is nice.

Perhaps the best part of this clip though is that the speech was made in Michigan, so I choose to believe that Obama dropped the Trout reference just to tweak Miguel Cabrera and Tigers fans. Well done, Mr. President.

Now, let's all sit back and wait for the inevitable backlash from Fox News and what I am sure will be some rants about Mike Trout's socialist agenda to redistribute wins.

Garrett Wilson

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