Halo Headlines: Giavotella placed on DL, Weaver yells at teammates after defensive miscues

The August 26th, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news including Giavotella placed on DL, Weaver yells at teammates after defensive miscues and much more…

The Story: Johnny Giavotella has been placed on the disabled list with a “personal medical condition.”
The Monkey Says: He’s apparently still going to be out for a few more days and the Angels just couldn’t wait for him. It is kind of a weird way to describe his illness though. I don’t recall ever seeing this verbiage used which makes one think there is something odd going on, but the team insists it is nothing serious.

The Story: Jered Weaver yelled at Mike Trout and Kole Calhoun for a defensive miscue during last night’s game.
The Monkey Says: Well, let’s hope that team chemistry is as overrated as everyone says it is because there is no way that is going to help matters. Actually, the video seems to look more like Weaver doing his typical screaming at the world act than at anyone in particular. Still, the frustration in that dugout is palpable right now.

The Story: David Freese is still a few days away from playing the field.
The Monkey Says: He should be on track to return when rosters expand. For what it is worth, Conor Gillaspie cleared waivers and will stay with the club, but I imagine he won’t be placed back on the 40-man roster unless someone gets hurt.

The Story: Jered Weaver’s deception and command is back after resolving his hip issue.
The Monkey Says: He believes that his health issues were causing mechanical issues that resulted in worsened command and effectiveness.

The Story: On runs created and MVP awards.
The Monkey Says: It correlates best to predicting the MVP, but I wonder if it is really something that will hold up. I would guess that WAR gains a better correlation in more recent years now that there is more understanding and general awareness. WAR isn’t necessarily the best metric, but wRC isn’t either. It does, however, speak to how much the BBWAA cares only about offense and pays lip service to defensive contributions in the MVP voting.

The Story: Cory Rasmus is playing catch and could return to the Angels soon.
The Monkey Says: The Angels could use the help.

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