Halo Headlines: Heaney making RoY push, Angels taking playoff race one game at a time

The September 4th, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news including Heaney making RoY push, Angels taking playoff race one game at a time and much more…

The Story: Andrew Heaney is making a Rookie of the Year push.
The Monkey Says: He’ll get votes, but it is hard to see him beating out Miguel Sano or Carlos Correa if only because those two have been so much more flashy than Heaney. Frankly, they are just better. Sano hasn’t been up all that long (nor has Heaney) and has a 180 wRC+, which is better than Trout. The fact that both of them play for teams that currently are better than the Halos helps as well since the BBWAA has a tendency to make this the Most Valuable Rookie award instead of just the best rookie.

The Story: The Angels’ focus “is on the process.”
The Monkey Says: There are so many Scioscia cliches espoused in this piece that it borders on parody.

The Story: Albert Pujols is setting homer milestones but still chasing his old self.
The Monkey Says: It is actually kind of sad that Albert is chasing the ghost of his former self because it is painfully obvious that he can’t get his head around the fact that he is never going to be that player again.

The Story: Minor league coach Ty Boykin finally got called up to the big leagues.
The Monkey Says: An oft-forgotten aspect of September is that the coaching staff expands as well. Boykin had been the roving outfield, baserunning and bunting instructor so he’ll- Wait, BUNTING INSTRUCTOR?! Dammit!!! He’s here to ruin the offense even further. Screw the feelgood story of this guy getting his first look at life in the majors. He’s here to promote bunting. Get some holy water, silver bullets, garlic and wooden stakes and get him the hell out of the clubhouse.

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