Halo Headlines: Pujols might return to first base this weekend, Kubitza experimenting at second base

The September 9th, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news including Pujols might return to first base this weekend, Kubitza experimenting at second base and much more…

The Story: Albert Pujols got a positive MRI result and might return to first base this weekend.
The Monkey Says: More importantly, he’s taking medication that is reducing the inflammation which even he admits is hurting him at the plate. Even with the medicine working, he probably shouldn’t spend much time in the field, but he and Scioscia have proven pretty thick-headed on that subject in the past.

The Story: Kyle Kubitza is going to experiment at second base.
The Monkey Says: That’s… weird. Kubitza isn’t even a good defensive third baseman, so I don’t see how that will work. Frankly, they should probably do this with Cowart instead, though it would be a waste of his stellar arm. Either way, this is just a winter experiment as Kubitza will not be playing second base for the Angels this month. It is probably more about trying to make him into a super utility player off the bench next year.

The Story: Kyle Kubitza and Daniel Robertson were promoted to the majors.
The Monkey Says: Neither figures to play much, if at all. The roster is now at 37, but the Travelers made the playoffs so they might still call up guys like Danny Reynolds from that team before the season is done.

The Story: Taylor Featherston is hoping to capitalize on his opportunity to play full-time.
The Monkey Says: Turns out getting regular at-bats can help a guy hit. His fielding has shockingly been an issue, but those are more mental mistakes than physical ones. A solid final month here would help Featherston’s odds of being on the 2016 Opening Day roster, though he still would probably be better off long-term spending a few months at Triple-A.

The Story: The 2016 schedule has been released.
The Monkey Says: The good news is that the Angels start the season at home. The bad new is that they start a day later than everyone else for some reason. They also get to finish the season at home for the first time in years, which would be great if (SPOILER ALERT) the Angels weren’t going to be terrible next season rendering those games meaningless.

The Story: Tyler Skaggs vows not to follow Matt Harvey’s lead in Tommy John recovery.
The Monkey Says: Skaggs is vowing to make sure he, the team and the doctors map out a plan before the season starts so that there is no controversy.. Also, he’s in a bit of a unique situation in that he probably could’ve come back to pitch this month, but the Angels are taking it slow. As a result, he is being given more recovery time, so that magical 180 innings limit that Matt Harvey and Scott Boras are so hot about might not really matter.

The Story: The Angels pitching can’t match the Dodgers and it might cost them.
The Monkey Says: Their hitting ain’t so hot either. No, the bullpen has gone sour at the exact wrong time and the rotation was never going to match the Dodgers rotation seeing how the Angels lack a Kershaw and a Greinke. The back-end of the Dodgers rotation is kind of a mess, but the Angels rotation has had some issues in their own right of late. Maybe we should just stop comparing these teams because it is making me depressed.

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