Halo Headlines: Shoemaker rejoins rotation, Perez gets his chance at starting

The August 27th, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news including Shoemaker rejoins rotation, Perez gets his chance at starting and much more…

The Story: Matt Shoemaker will be recalled to start the finale of the Detroit series today.
The Monkey Says: He pitched well enough in his Triple-A start, but the Angels also had no choice after they demoted Tropeano when they needed infield depth. They probably could’ve just called up Tropeano instead of Rucinski, so I guess they must be satisfied enough with the progress Shoemaker made in his brief stint in the minors. The last time he ironed out his mechanics, he went on a pretty strong run for six starts, which is exactly what the Angels need right now.

The Story: Carlos Perez is getting his shot to be the Angels primary catcher.
The Monkey Says: He’s hit a lot better recently and the regular at-bats might have a lot to do with it. His defense is well regarded, but it also isn’t rating out at an elite level, at least not yet. He’s basically just about as good as Iannetta behind the plate, so if he can be similarly as useful with the bat, the Angels will likely convince themselves to roll with Perez on a minimum contract rather than ponying up to bring back Iannetta or some other veteran catcher.

The Story: Mike Scioscia is warming to the idea of letting a position player pitch in a blowout.
The Monkey Says: He’s never done it before, but he apparently had Ryan Jackson warm up during one of the Toronto blowouts. This has no real bearing on anything other than the novel enjoyment of seeing a position player pitch.

The Story: Sean Newcomb threw seven innings of no-hit baseball on Tuesday.
The Monkey Says: Honestly, I’m more impressed that he walked just one batter and needed only 64 pitches. The team was smart to pull him though as he had never thrown seven innings before, so they didn’t want to risk his health over what would ultimately be a forgettable minor league accomplishment.

The Story: The emotional win on Tuesday could be a turning point for the Angels.
The Monkey Says: Yeah, it clearly showed last night as they got no-hit through eight innings last night and lost handily to the downtrodden Tigers. The Angels have had a lot of “emotional” wins that could be “turning points” this year yet I can’t help but notice that they haven’t actually turned after any of them. Spare me your contrived narratives.

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