Halo Headlines: Thad Levine a GM candidate, Aybar says ‘everything we do is bad’

The September 10th, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news including Thad Levine a GM candidate, Aybar says ‘everything we do is bad’ and much more…

The Story: Thad Levine will be a candidate for the Angels GM job.
The Monkey Says: As he was last time around. Apparently the Angels are just hoping for a do-over from last time and not going to consider anyone new. That seems like a potential issue.

The Story: Erick Aybar said, “Everything we do is bad.”
The Monkey Says: He’s not wrong.

The Story: The Angels and Mariners have both received permission to interview Billy Eppler.
The Monkey Says: The Mariners are more interested in an experienced GM, so I wouldn’t worry about them much. The fact that the Angels have permission is noteworthy only in that it means the process is starting to move forward.

The Story: The Angels are in danger of wasting another year of Mike Trout.
The Monkey Says: Fortunately they have him for many more seasons, but yeah, wasting any of his seasons is a shame. Alas, this won’t be the last season that gets wasted.

The Story: Should these managers be fired?
The Monkey Says: Scioscia gets a “stay” vote, but not from me. Scioscia does have the track record, but at a point a team needs a new voice. This is probably that point, especially since it can be coupled with a new GM who will want to hire his own manager to make sure they are on the same… wait for it… PAGE!

The Story: Joe Smith is trying to break out of his slump.
The Monkey Says: He doesn’t seem to know what is wrong, which makes me think that he just doesn’t want to own up to his arm hurting after Scioscia abused him so badly in the second half of August. There seems to be a real issue in the Angels clubhouse in the wake of the C.J. Wilson saga that everybody must play through pain. Kole Calhoun is going to be out in right field with a piece or rebar through his midsection acting like nothing is wrong by the end of the year.

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