Halo Headlines: Wilson vows to be ready for next season, bridging the Angels baseball philosophy gap

The September 11th, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news including Wilson vows to be ready for next season, bridging the Angels baseball philosophy gap and much more…

The Story: C.J. Wilson vows to be 100% healthy for next season.
The Monkey Says: He says he is already feeling immediate relief. The Angels would probably rather trade Wilson, but his injury history will probably prevent them from being able to dump his salary. As such, let’s hope he is feeling good because they are stuck with him.

The Story: Looking at the cost if the Angels have another GM-manager GM gap.
The Monkey Says: This is going to be a big deal because clearly Scioscia didn’t think Dipoto shared the philosophy that he now believes the whole Angels organization subscribes to. That could very much lead to a major roster overhaul this summer to recreate it in the image of the “philosophy” which is really Scioscia’s image no matter how much Scioscia operates Carpino’s puppet mouth. I mean, this story was clearly meant to be damage control from Scioscia and Carpino, but all it really does is confirm that the GM is coming in to fit into a pre-existing philosophy rather than influencing what that philosophy will be. Dipoto tried to do the latter, now he’s gone. Why they continue to go after guys similar to Dipoto in Eppler and Levine is puzzling. This is why I think they end up with a former GM who just wants to sit in the big chair again and does Scioscia and Moreno’s bidding. Hi, Larry Beinfest.

The Story: Ranking the six GM openings.
The Monkey Says: We’re #5! Oh, wait, that’s not good. The Angels only outrank the nuclear test site that is the Marlins front office. Fun times.

The Story: The Angels may have found their fight just in time.
The Monkey Says: NOPE. Sorry, but it is too little too late. Fight is nice and all, but it is clear that this offense just isn’t good enough and practically the entire pitching staff is in a slump. The fight will make them and us feel better and extend their relevancy for another week or so, but it isn’t going to push them into the postseason.

The Story: Ranking the potential arguments for each major award.
The Monkey Says: AL MVP gets a 3 out of 10 because Donaldson has pretty much wrapped up the award, which is 99% true. The only way Trout wins it is if he gets scorching hot for the rest of the season and single-handedly carries the Angels into a playoff spot. Even then, I still think Donaldson gets it because he has a ton of RBIs and 60% of the BBWAA still think that’s impressive.

The Story: Alden Gonzalez believes there is a chance the Angels would be willing to go into the luxury tax next season.
The Monkey Says: Pure speculation, of course, but it would be welcome news because free agency is the only thing that can save the Halos from being terrible next season. Their window is pretty much shut for a one to three years otherwise, but a spending spree that hits on every expenditure could prop that window open.

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