Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 22

The Angels Player Power Rankings had a really bad month of August but we promise to try hard not to keep embarrassing ourselves over the final month of the season.

1Mike Trout - At least Trout finally started hitting this week. Now as the Angels spiral down the standings we can get into a thoroughly mind-numbing debate about whether or not he can be MVP when he plays for a team that collapsed in such epic fashion. (Last Week: 1)
2Kole Calhoun - Calhoun had a terrible week, but because everyone else was just as terrible, he gets to keep his spot in the rankings. This will be a running theme throughout the rest of this post. (Last Week: 2)
3Albert Pujols - So I guess that big home he hit to start the road trip wasn't a sign of him breaking out of his slump after all. Drat. (Last Week: 3)
4C.J. Cron - Cron is now third on the team in OBP and tied for second in OPS. This is a great thing for him but a damning development for the rest of the Angels roster. (Last Week: 4)
5Huston Street - Street was the one quality reliever that didn't blow a game in Cleveland. To be fair, the other guys kept blowing it before he ever got a shot. (Last Week: 5)
6Garrett Richards - Richards looking strong this week was pretty much the only good thing to come out of that Cleveland series. Normally nothing good comes out of Cleveland, so this is actually a big step forward for humanity as well as the Angels. (Last Week: 9)
7David Murphy - David Murphy had an opportunity to haunt the team that traded him, instead he probably tried to defect back to them since Cleveland might yet finish the season with a better record than the Angels. (Last Week: 7)
8Erick Aybar - The fact that Aybar didn't try to bunt to break up Verlander's no-hit bid once again is one of the great missed trolling opportunities of the season. (Last Week: 8)
9Hector Santiago - Hector has a 5.23 ERA and 5.46 FIP since the All-Star break. Talk about resting on your laurels. (Last Week: 6)
10Andrew Heaney - Heaney bounced back with six strong innings this week. Too bad Scioscia didn't see fit to have him try and turn that six into a seven. (Last Week: 13)
11Matt Shoemaker - It's a good thing when they guy who just returned from a banishment to the minors is the best pitcher in the rotation, right? (Last Week: n/a)
12Joe Smith - Oh, look, it is almost like getting completely abused by the manager for the last two weeks DID have repercussions down the line. (Last Week: 11)
13Jered Weaver - When you give up a grand slam on an 80 MPH "fastball" to Abraham Almonte, it might be time to start planning your retirement party. (Last Week: 10)
14Cesar Ramos - Cesar resumes his throne as the king of guys who move up the rankings solely because others are moving down. (Last Week: 17)
15Kaleb Cowart - Yes, this is absurdly high for Cowart, but so is his strikeout rate. I figured they should match. (Last Week: 21)
16Trevor Gott - Trevor has Gott some explaining to do after his colossal meltdown against the Indians. (Last Week: 14)
17Carlos Perez - His offense is only getting worse and his stranglehold on the starting job is only getting stronger. The legend of Jefe Mathis lives on! (Last Week: 15)
18Shane Victorino - Victorino would be a really disappointing acquisition if the price the Angels paid for him wasn't a guy who was an even bigger disappointing acquisition earlier in the year. (Last Week: 19)
19Jose Alvarez - Alvarez is about to be overtaken by Smith for the bullpen lead in innings pitched. That sounds like it should be a good thing, but I'm pretty sure it is a bad thing. (Last Week: 20)
20Chris Iannetta - Of all the people to break up the Verlander no-hitter, it was the guy who seemed to be trying to no-hit himself the entire month of August. (Last Week: 16)
21Fernando Salas - Every time he pitches, just remember that getting him added to the Freese trade package is what forced the Angels to give up Randal Grichuk in that deal. (Last Week: 18)
22David DeJesus - DeJesus has only been an Angel for a month and I've already read four different articles on what a good sport he is for taking his bench role in stride. Two more and he'll have one for every hit he has as an Angel. (Last Week: 22)

Cam Bedrosian - Cam is really taking to his new role as the white flag of the Angels' pitching staff. (Last Week: 25)
24Grant Green - Only Grant Green would finally be in a position where Scioscia has no choice but to play him and end up getting hurt and missing time. (Last Week: 23)
25Ryan Jackson - He's still here? Hmm, well you learn something new every day. (Last Week: 24)

NOT LISTED: Drew Rucinksi (professional innings soaker upper)

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