Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 23

The Angels Player Power Rankings expand their scope now that rosters have expanded in the month of September. That’s good news for you, but not such good news for me getting to sleep at a normal hour now that I have to write extra player comments. These are the sacrifices I make for you people.

1Mike Trout - Some say that Mike Trout recently ended a 27-game homerless stretch. I prefer to say that he ended a 27-game period in which he took mercy on the rest of the league. (Last Week: 1)
2Kole Calhoun - Calhoun has had a noticeable spike in his strikeout rate this year, but I've seen almost nobody mention it. I'm really proud of you, everyone. Seriously. I'm really, really proud. (Last Week: 2)
3Albert Pujols - Oh, what a shock. It turns out that all of the struggles at the plate and conspicuous frequent usage at DH were really related to an injury, despite the repeated denials. I'm shocked. This is my shocked tone. Truly, truly shocked. (Last Week: 3)
4C.J. Cron - Cron stole home and hit a triple this week. If anyone needs me I'll be preparing my Ragnarok survival bag. (Last Week: 4)
5Garrett Richards - Richards will set a new career-high for innings in his next start, unless his knee explodes again. Which seems pretty likely to happen given the recent rash of medical misfortune that has struck the Angels. (Last Week: 6)
6Huston Street - When did Huston Street become the go-to Angels for commentary on events from around the league that have nothing do with the Angels? I know C.J. Wilson is on the DL, but I'm pretty sure he can still make comments that I don't care about to the media. Know your role, Huston. (Last Week: 5)
7Andrew Heaney - Compared to the insanity around Matt Harvey's innings limit right now, the drama around Heaney getting the hook after just 88 pitches hardly seems like a big deal anymore. (Last Week: 10)
8David Murphy - Murphy had another solid week and continues to lead the Angels David sub-power rankings. (Last Week: 7)
9Matt Shoemaker - Shoemaker has been fantastic since his recall, but now he's down with a forearm strain because Angels. (Last Week: 11)
10Erick Aybar - I feel Aybar let us all down when he didn't get caught in an infinite loop of switching which side he'll bat from when he went up against switch-pitcher Pat Venditte. (Last Week: 8)
11Jered Weaver - So we are all in agreement that Jered Weaver should only be allowed to start at home from now on, right? Right. (Last Week: 13)
12Hector Santiago - You know you aren't going well when you walk six people in your most recent start and it is considered a huge step forward. (Last Week: 9)
13David Freese - It is good to have David Freese back to help boost the lineup, but if/when the Angels drop out of the playoff race, I fully reserve the right to be deeply annoyed that he is playing instead of Cowart. (Last Week: n/a)
14Joe Smith - Smith's recent struggles are doubly frustrating because they call attention both to Scioscia's overuse of him and Stoneman's inability to acquire bullpen help. You have to at least appreciate the efficiency of the sadness. (Last Week: 12)
15Cesar Ramos - There is less than a month left in the season and I still can't think of an interesting comment for Ramos. (Last Week: 14)
16Carlos Perez - Another week like the one Perez just had and he might just get that OPS over the .600 mark. Fingers crossed! (Last Week: 17)
17Trevor Gott - The next time Jered Weaver tells you that velocity is overrated, he should point to Trevor Gott, his 97 MPH fastball and his 3.86 K/9 rate, (Last Week: 16)
18Kaleb Cowart - Cowart finally starts heating up at the plate and immediately gets benched in favor of a veteran because Scioscia. (Last Week: 15)
19Fernando Salas - The Angels have had a lot of bullpen choke jobs in the last few weeks and somehow Salas wasn't involved in any of them. I guess what I'm saying is that he's due. (Last Week: 21)
20Shane Victorino - Victorino finally made an impact on the Angels, granted it was on the outfield wall in Oakland and then again on the outfield wall in Anaheim, but beggars can't be choosers. (Last Week: 18)
21Chris Iannetta - At the rate Iannetta is going, he's going to have to pay a team to sign him this offseason. Clearly nobody explained the concept of a "contract year" to him. (Last Week: 20)
22Jose Alvarez - It is going to be a mad dash to the finish to see if Alvarez can prevent his ERA from ballooning over 4.00 before the season ends. (Last Week: 19)
23Taylor Featherston - Who's excited for Featherston to be the starting second baseman for the final critical month of the season? Hey, where's everyone going? (Last Week: n/a)
24David DeJesus - DeJesus didn't get into a single game this week. It was his best week as an Angel yet. (Last Week: 22)

Cam Bedrosian - Bedrosian actually hasn't been that bad the last two weeks. He might just have a career as a Quad-A reliever yet! (Last Week: 23)
26Grant Green - When you can't steal playing time from a guy with a .428 OPS, you might want to consider a career change. (Last Week: 24)
27Collin Cowgill - Cowgill returns from the DL just in time to make one last desperate push to not get non-tendered this offseason. (Last Week: n/a)
28Mike Morin - Morin has actually looked pretty sharp since he was called back up, which has me mildly excited and not so mildly primed to be let down. (Last Week: n/a)
29Cory Rasmus - Rasmus overcame his forearm strain to rejoin the bullpen so that Scioscia can abuse his arm once more and make sure that forearm strain turns into full-blown Tommy John surgery this time. (Last Week: n/a)
30Wesley Wright - Wright could be the best reliever the Angels ever had and he'd still be the guy that Bo Porter brought into a game against the Angels and was inexplicably allowed to remove without having him face a single batter. (Last Week: n/a)
31Nick Tropeano - Tropeano has pitched just fine this season, but I'm ranking him this low in advance because there's no way that his upcoming start against Zack Greinke is going to go well. (Last Week: n/a)
32Efren Navarro - There isn't much of a call for first basemen defensive replacements in today's game, but everybody's got to have a niche, right? (Last Week: n/a)
33Ryan Jackson - Ryan Jackson is the answer to the age old riddle of "who replaces the defensive replacement?" (Last Week: 25)
34Matt Joyce - Wait, who the hell let this guy back in? (Last Week: n/a)
35Jett Bandy - Bandy hasn't played yet, but his presence has already confused many a wire reporter who didn't believe his name was Jett, so they called him "Jeff Bandy" instead. (Last Week: n/a)
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