Angels Prospect Countdown: #25 – Hunter Green

Hunter Green

10 words or fewer: Bordering on ridiculousness. Can’t wait to see him healthy.

Position: RP | Age (2016): 20
Throws: L | Bats: L
Height: 6’4″ | Weight: 175
2015 Rank: 13

2015 Stats: Did Not Play 🙁

2015 prospect countdown

Fastball – C+.  At the fall instructs, it was reported Hunter Green was sitting 88-92. This is promising in a weird sort of way. Green was clocked at 89-92 as a high school senior back when he was 17. He’s 20 years old now, and because of various injuries, he really hasn’t been on the mound much at all. So to come back with at least the same average-ish fastball he had before as a teenager is at least a little good. Before the injury bug bit him repeatedly, Green had reportedly added about 20 pounds of muscle upon being drafted by the Angels and it was generally believed the 90-91 mph fastball would eventually turn into 93-94. It hasn’t happened yet, but perhaps someday.

Off-speed Pitches – B.  Reports from the instructional league indicated his change up has now developed into a borderline plus pitch. That’s promising because three years ago he had what was already believed to be a “plus” hard-curve that he’d snap off. I’d need to actually see him before verifying this, but it’s certainly exciting to consider.

Control – I.  We honestly have no idea, he wasn’t on the mound in 2015, or 2014, or much in 2013.

Command – I.  See Control.

Mechanics – B.   His mechanics looked pretty good to me in the scouting videos. Simple drop-&-drive, three-quarters release, good balance, fluid throughout.

Performance – F.  And so goes his age 19 season in much the same way as his age 18 season. Hopefully his age 20 season will work out better.

Projection – A.  Green’s actual potential is every bit as high as Skaggs was upon being drafted. Skaggs had the same low-90’s fastball with a good off-speed pitch and a promising change up. Before TJ surgery, Skaggs had settled in around 91-93, which is where we’re hoping to see Green at, but what truly separated Skaggs from others is that big looping curve. It gave hitters fits while his change up continued to develop. Hopefully Green’s breaking ball has progressed as far as his change up.

Estimated Time of Arrival – 2019/2020.  It’s crazy to think Green’s missed two years of development, yet is still just entering his age 20-season. As long as he stays healthy, I see no reason why he couldn’t grow into a fixture in the Angels rotation by age 24.

What to expect in 2016 – The biggest thing for Green in 2016 will be staying on the ball field. If he does that and impresses in Spring, he could move on to the Midwest League next season for his age 20 year, which still puts him ahead of the curve. Personally, I think it’ more likely that Green moves to the Pioneer League next season. Baby steps.

Most Likely Scenario – Because of an inability to stay healthy with the increased workload as a starter, Hunter will transition to reliever that can be extended multiple innings. He’ll eventually break into the majors as a spot starter and reliever.

Grade as a Prospect – C.  Green is a slightly above average prospect because of that ceiling of his. But the Angels have to get him healthy and back on the mound. I fear he’s the type of prospect other teams would LOVE to pilfer as an add on in some sort of trade.   If he realizes his potential, he’d be a top prospect.

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