Boxscore Breakdown #127: The slipper fits, again – Angels 2, Tigers 0

Everyone’s favorite Cinderella starting pitcher is back, fully shod in his glass slippers. The pumpkin form of Matt Shoemaker got shipped down to Triple-A about two weeks ago, but whilst there he discovered a way to turn the clock back before midnight and once again looked like the oft-dominant pitcher we saw last season. With a few other rotation members turning into pumpkins themselves right now, Cinderella’s return is more than welcome.

Angels 2, Tigers 0

Run Expectancy Rundown

So, yeah, some guys got hits. Blah. Blah. Blah. I’m more interested in how the Angels actively tried to run themselves out this game. Mike Trout attempted a steal, which is progress, even if he failed. But C.J. Cron also attempted a steal for reasons that I don’t fully comprehend. The coup de gras was Albert Pujols driving in a run with a single, a run that only scored because Alex Avila couldn’t handle the throw that very clearly beat Kole Calhoun, only to then have Pujols try and take second on the throw and get hung out to dry. That part wasn’t the bad part though, it was Albert getting upset with Mike Trout for not trying to score while Pujols was briefly caught in a rundown. As if it is Trout’s fault that he wasn’t ready to score when Albert unexpectedly did something stupid on the other side of the diamond. Mike was probably too dumbfounded that Pujols made such a baserunning blunder that he was left flat-footed.

J.D. Martinez was one of two Tigers to get a hit, but he was the only Tiger to end up with a positive RE24. Anthony Gose had the other hit and the team’s only walk, however he also got picked off first base and later caught stealing second. The Tigers apparently weren’t going to let the Angels out-TOOTBLAN them.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Shoemaker was just terrific, but I don’t get the logic behind letting him face and retire the first batter of the seventh and then pulling him. I also don’t understand how Randy Freaking Wolf (that is his Christian name, by the way) was able to hold the Angels in check. I know the team can’t hit a lick right now, but he’s RANDY FREAKING WOLF.

Bullpen Battle

Joe Smith nearly blew this whole thing, but he somehow managed to Houdini his way out of a self-created jam. The Angels (finally) got to the leaky Tigers bullpen to pick up an insurance run that they didn’t end up needing, but it sure gave me a few warm and fuzzies.

Game Flow

Not a real action-packed game except for that short-lived valley in the eighth inning where the Angels nearly gave the game and series away.

Halo Hero

Try not to lose that slipper again, Shoe.

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