Boxscore Breakdown #128: Doubled up – Indians 3, Angels 1

So what if the answer to “when will the Angels offense come around” is “never?” Everyone is waiting for the Halos to find something resembling an actual consistent offense, not even a good offense, just an offense that doesn’t have everyone on no-hitter watch for the first four innings of the game, at least. They once again made a middling pitcher look like an ace as they nearly got shutout by Trevor Bauer. There is a hope that maybe the return of Freese and Giavotella will get them going or that Trout and Pujols will catch fire again, but we’ve been saying those things for a month now. It is time to admit that it just probably isn’t going to happen.

Indians 3, Angels 1

Run Expectancy Rundown

When you get eight baserunners all night, you can’t hit into four double plays. I don’t mean that in the sense of “you can’t afford to do that,” which you can’t, obviously. I mean that in the sense “I don’t think that’s even physically possible.” I’ve stuck up for Don Baylor in the past, but that kind of uniformly poor situational hitting is pretty hard to defend.

Cleveland doesn’t get a lot of hits, but when they do, they are back-breaking doubles. No one Indians hitter had a particularly good day. They just one had pretty good inning. Honestly, they had their own GIDP issues, so it is hard to be upset with how they were limited. The real problem is that the other team scoring three runs is basically a death sentence to the Angels right now.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Andrew Heaney bounced back quite well after his disastrous last start. He was very good for six innings and many argue he should’ve been given a seventh. But, hey, gotta monitor that pitch count, man. Trevor Bauer had an excellent line but I remain unconvinced that it was actually all his own doing.

Bullpen Battle

Trevor Gott was just awful. Maybe it was a side effect of him being worked like a pack mule the last two weeks, or maybe he just isn’t that good and his inability to miss bats really gets exposed against a team that can be exploited by someone who could miss bats.

Game Flow

Even win expectancy knows that there is no coming back from a two-run deficit for this Angels squad.

Halo A-Hole

Pretty bad timing for your first career blown save, Trevor.

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