Boxscore Breakdown #130: Mistakes by the lake – Indians 9, Angels 2

Great, now the Angels can’t even catch routine flyballs. On two separate occasions the Angels just up and dropped a flyball because they lost it in the sun. That is fitting because the Angels themselves are quite lost. They just can’t do anything right anymore. The outfield defense is one of the few undeniably strong parts of the club, yet they just couldn’t do simple things and their mistakes contributed to making this gutpunch loss even more painful.

Indians 9, Angels 2

Run Expectancy Rundown

Grant Green hit a homer. Mike Trout was unstoppable at the plate. THAT’S IT. That was the entire offense. There were more mistakes though. Kole Calhoun got picked off. C.J. Cron made an error, or at least that’s what the boxscore says. I wouldn’t know because I turned the game off and went to clean toilets in my house because that seemed more enjoyable.

Abraham Almonte sure did prove that he could knock the stuffing out of a BP fastball. Carlos Santana benefited immensely from the Angels’ inability to catch balls during the daytime.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Jered Weaver has now lost all rights to spout any of his “fastball velocity is overrated” crap. When you give up a grand slam to a scrub hitter because you threw an 80 MPH fastball, your privileges get revoked.

Bullpen Battle

Well, at least the bullpen didn’t blow this game, right?

Game Flow

The Angels got the heartbreak out of the way early in this one, which was really considerate of them since it really freed up the rest of my Sunday.

Halo A-Hole

When your fastball is slower than the average changeup, it might be time to consider a career change. Might I suggest woodcarving? Jered just looks like the sort of guy that is good with his hands.

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