Halo Headlines: Angels still seeking trades, Freese nearing a return

The August 31st, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news including Angels still seeking trades, Freese nearing a return and much more…

The Story: The Angels are still hoping to make a trade before the deadline today.
The Monkey Says: For what? No one is saying, probably because it doesn’t matter. They’re just the captain of the Titanic shopping for some new deck chairs.

The Story: David Freese could be activated today.
The Monkey Says: Speaking of deck chairs, here comes another one. Freese will help the offense, but it isn’t like he’s the sort that will ignite the lineup.

The Story: The Angels could choose between Cowart, Kubitza and Freese to be the third baseman in 2016.
The Monkey Says: For the first time I can recall, the team is thinking about re-signing Freese. Neither Cowart nor Kubitza have impressed in their very limited auditions, so maybe the team is getting gunshy about jettisoning another starter without a surefire replacement in place. Personally, I like Freese, but he’s a league average player. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the Angels will have limited spending room this offseason and they shouldn’t be spending it on a league average player at one of the few positions where they have prospect depth.

The Story: Mike Trout insists that his wrist is fine.
The Monkey Says: He’s starting to come around, by which I mean he’s starting to drive the ball. I also wonder if maybe he’s not putting too much pressure on himself to carry the offense and in so doing taking himself out of his approach.

The Story: Mike Scioscia considered flipping Trout and Pujols in the batting order.
The Monkey Says: This is a bad idea, but at this point, what do the Halos have to lose?

The Story: Andrew Heaney discusses how he fixed his mechanics after getting traded to the Angels.
The Monkey Says: Hooray for teams with bad pitching coaches giving up on top talents too soon.

The Story: Hector Santiago talks about why philanthropy is so important to him.
The Monkey Says: I normally try and avoid stories like this because it makes it harder for me to bash him for his garbage pitching mechanics. Somehow I’ll persevere.

The Story: Mike Morin is hoping to finish the season strong.
The Monkey Says: Morin’s horrid season is one of the underappreciated things that really hurt this roster. He was supposed to be a high-quality middle reliever and give the Angels a top tier bullpen, but he flamed out so spectacularly that it left them one arm short all season long. One of these days I’ll finally get it through my thick head that relievers are highly volatile assets.

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