Halo Headlines: Eppler emphasizing lefty bat; Ramon Ramirez signs

The December 14, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news includes the team maybe prioritizing a left-handed hitter, the signing of a journeyman reliever to a minor-league deal, and more…

The Story: Billy Eppler likely focusing on a lefty bat to help balance lineup

MWAH Says: I guess this means Alex Gordon is currently the focus over Justin Upton and Yoenis Cespedes. It would also seem to hint that Denard Span, Gerardo Parra, and Dexter Fowler are on the radar as well. I’m not sure how much a “balanced lineup” is truly worth, but in this case it wouldn’t really balance much of anything—having two lefties rather than one seems kind of meaningless.

The Story: Angels sign RHP Ramon Ramirez to a minor-league deal

MWAH Says: Ramirez was a solid seventh inning reliever for several years, posting a 2.77 ERA in nearly 280 innings from 2008-2011 and helping the Giants to a World Series title in the process. He had a down season for the Mets in 2012 (4.24 ERA), then struggled to regain a foothold in an MLB bullpen, mostly splitting his time between Triple-A (’13 & ’14) and the Mexican League (’15). The odds that he’ll play a significant role in Anaheim this coming season are pretty long, but you never know with relievers.

The Story: Eppler, Scioscia appear to be on the same page

MWAH Says: If there were conflict already, it’d be a huge cause for concern. That manager and front office are getting along right now, when no baseball is happening, isn’t really a story; it’s still the honeymoon phase. The big test will come during the season when the first team conflict inevitably arises. The presence of Bud Black in the front office should help keep things amenable, but there’s really no telling how the two will respond until it happens.

The Story: Angels among teams with interest in Todd Frazier

MWAH Says: Adding Frazier at third and pushing Yunel Escobar to second would be a dream scenario. I just have no idea how the Angels could make it happen. It’s not as though he has a big salary ($6 million) the team could agree to take on, and lord knows they don’t have the prospects to inspire a deal. Heyman’s article seems to indicate the White Sox and Indians are front-runners for Frazier, while the Halos and others merely have or had “some involvement” at some point. Gotta think the Angels are in the “had” group.

The Story: Inside the Diamondbacks/Zack Greinke negotiations

MWAH Says: I don’t know why I find this such a hilarious read, but I do. I think it’s that the story really just confirms that Arizona’s front office is exactly what we all think it is: A bunch of dudes making massive decisions almost on a whim without any indication of a larger, over-arching plan. The scary part is Ken Kendrick sounds an awful lot like Arte Moreno, in terms of getting a grand idea and pushing the front office to act on it.

The Story: Tommy Hanson died from cocaine, alcohol mix, according to autopsy

MWAH Says: Just such a sad, sad story. I can’t imagine the hurt the Hanson family must be feeling. I hope they finds some solace in knowing for certain what took their son, devastating as it may be. They continue to have our thoughts and prayers.

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