Garrett Wilson
A lifelong die-hard Angel fan, is the primary contributor, editor-in-chief and Supreme Overlord of MonkeyWithAHalo.com.  In addition to his rantings about the Halos, Garrett has also covered baseball, basketball and fantasy sports for a variety of internet outlets.  You can contact Garrett via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Scotty Allen
I’m Scotty Allen and I’m somewhat of a “Jack of all trades”.  I’m a former Marine and current grad-student, amateur scout for a sports agency, senior columnist for LA Angels Insider, minor league writer for Monkey with a Halo, and a correspondent for The Outside Corner.  My favorite team is of course the Los Angeles Angels, but I find myself routinely rooting for the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres as well.  My favorite current players are Torii Hunter and Mike Trout, and my favorite all-time players are Tony Gwynn and Wally Joyner.  When I’m not in the classroom, in the stands, on the field or at my computer, I can be found traveling to parts unknown with my wife.  Follow and chat with me on twitter @ScottyA_LAAI.

As Scotty alluded to, he will be MWAH’s designated prospect expert, contributing as regularly as he can.