Garrett Wilson
A lifelong die-hard Angel fan, is the primary contributor, editor-in-chief and Supreme Overlord of MonkeyWithAHalo.com.  In addition to his writings about the Halos, Garrett has also covered baseball, basketball and fantasy sports for a variety of internet outlets.  You can contact Garrett via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Scotty Allen
Prospect analyst for MWAH, correspondent for The Outside Corner, arm-chair GM and former amateur everything (scout, player, sour-gummy connoisseur).  I’m terrible at CrossFit and traveling, yet force myself to passionately suffer the consequences and benefits of both.  One day, I aspire to write a book with all the accidentally hilarious but highly intelligent things my wife and her family say.  I can always be counted on to offer my opinion on minor leaguers and young-adult novels.  Questions or comments?  Find me on Twitter @ScottyA_MWAH.

Mike Hllywa
Over the last four years, Mike has contributed to six different baseball blogs ranging from baseball analysis to covering strictly Angels baseball. He spends most of his days as the designated bed for the family animals. But when he is not being used as a pillow top mattress, you can find him lurking the internets and praising all things Gary Disarcina. Follow Mike on Twitter @mike_hllywa.

MJ Lloyd
MJ Lloyd is responsible for such “sports” “websites” as Monkeys Throwing Darts and Off Base Percentage. He is a former editor of Halo Hangout and proud owner of an authentic JT Snow Angels jersey. If you blinked, you missed his appearance at Baseball Prospectus. You can find him wandering the French Quarter in New Orleans or on Twitter @MnkysThrwngDrts.

Jeff Mays
Jeff Mays is an Inland Empire native, and as a boy growing up an Angel fan, his first Halo hero was SS/3B Dave Chalk.  He published a book earlier this year documenting the amazing season of the Angels’ 1962 club, and he is currently working on a biography of Angel great, Bobby Grich.

Drew Mumford Jr.
Drew Mumford Jr is an avid Angels fan with a passion for his family, his business and his favorite baseball team. Born and raised in So Cal, Drew lives a stone’s throw from Angel Stadium and has been a season ticketholder for nearly a decade. Drew has contributed to the Halos Daily blog and now Monkey With a Halo intermittently for three years. Drew can be found on twitter at @drewjr_mwah and he can always be found with some kind of ball in his hand ready to make a throw to one of his 3 young sons. Life is always good when you’re playing catch!