About Us

Garrett Wilson, a lifelong die-hard Angel fan, is the primary contributor, editor-in-chief and Supreme Overlord of MonkeyWithAHalo.com.  In addition to his rantings about the Halos, Garrett has also covered baseball, basketball and fantasy sports for a variety of internet outlets.  You can contact Garrett via emailFacebook and Twitter.

Scott Allen, former Marine, current grad student and resident prospect expert for MWAH.  Scotty is also a featured columnist at LA Angels Insider and a contributor at The Outside Corner.  When he's not in the classroom, in the stands, on the field or at my computer, he can be found traveling to parts unknown with his wife.  You can contact Scotty via Twitter.

Gabrielle Castillo, a game previewer/recapper and a student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.  Having lived in Orange County, California all of her life, the Los Angeles Angels have been a team that has remained near and dear to her heart since childhood.  You can contact Gabrielle via Twitter.

Ryan Falla, a bi-weekly columnist for the site, aslo handles game preview/recap duties Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  When Ryan isn't spending far too much time eating, sleeping and breathing the Angels, he is an English major at Cal Poly Pomona.  There is also a good chance Ryan might be a wizard due to his Game Preview prediction skills.  You can contact Ryan via email and Twitter.

Jonathan Lyons, our weekend game preview/recap specialist and unabashed Angel apologist.  Jon is also a big music fan and father to three boys who he is raising to scowl at the mere sight of the Rangers.  In a related note, Jon has been nominated for Father of the Year.  You can contact Jon via Twitter.

Dave Riley, a weekly columnist that sat on Albe Pearson's knee at the brand new Angel Stadium and grew up using Jim Fergosi bats he snagged at Bat Day.

Brandon Sandors, a bi-weekly humorist/satirist for MWAH who, by day, works in maintenance management for homeowners associations.  Brandon has been writing sporadically since attending college at UCI and his current pursuits include podcasting, homebrewing new beers, and stand-up comedy.  He regularly attends Angels games with his mother and grandfather and is often found sipping from a blinking light-up glass of Bud Light.