Packing for Spring Training

SPRING TRAINING IS HERE! Long has been the winter of our discontent, but finally, the sun shines again upon Arizona and warms the fields for the return of baseball. Pack the freshly pressed uniforms, the mud-rubbed balls, the sunflower seeds, and the Gatorade. Pack the canned nacho cheese, the popcorn, and the beer kegs. Pack […]

Offseason Angels Showtime

It’s settled, the offseason is entirely too long.   Yes, football and hockey have helped to fill the gap, but it’s seems like ages since we’ve seen a hot grounder, a sacrifice fly, a leadoff bunt, or a ninety-five mile per hour fastball. Baseball fans are about ready to chase our fix like a cat […]

Mark Mulder, Comeback Kid?

The Angels offseason moves are have come fast and furious. Peter Bourjos and Mark Trumbo were shipped to the National League. David Freese was brought in to replace Alberto Callaspo. Raul Ibanez was brought in to play some DH and a variety pack of pitchers was acquired along the way, including Mark Mulder. Yes, THAT […]

New Year’s Resolutions with the Angels

2013 is almost over. All of the New Year's resolutions you said you'd get to eventually are now staring at you judgmentally. Maybe this year, right? HA! You know damn well you'll go to the gym until February 1st and then slip back into the comforts of drive-thru breakfast burritos. You’re not alone, it's the […]

LA Angels Letters to Santa 2013

It’s that time of year again. The turkeys are going on sale, the menorah candles are being opened, the non-flammable mock-pine reindeer sculptures are coming out of their boxes and the mall employees are drinking more alcohol than is healthy to help boost their coping mechanisms. The holiday season is here and the gift buying, […]

Cutting the fat in 2014

Times are tough. Wages are down, hours are hard to come by, and the Christmas crunch is starting to settle in and begin it’s caffeine-and-alcohol fueled grip on the backs of our minds. At Angel Stadium, the grip is no less. Payrolls are coming due and several members of Mr. Moreno’s club will be receiving […]

How each Angels player should spend their winter vacation

It’s all over. The season is done and now there’s naught to do but count the days until pitchers and catchers report. We of baseball fandom are left to make due with other sports to satiate our need for competition. The holidays should be more than enough to keep us busy in the interim, but […]

“Year in Review” Review

The World Series is a time of finality for baseball. The advertising, fanfare, and big-game ticket prices become a herald to the final celebration of the over 2000 games played over the last seven months. As baseball prepares for its winter slumber, it also presents an interesting challenge to sports writers: How do you report […]

An Angels fan guide to rooting for the Dodgers

In case you weren’t aware, the MLB playoffs are currently underway. Sadly, the Angels are not part of the October festivities. Equally as sad, the Dodgers ARE taking part in said festivities.   Battling in the NLCS, the Dodgers have made it to the pinnacle of the National League while the Angels ended the season […]

A new look at Angel Stadium

For some time now, The Big A has been showing its age. She’s still quite a looker, but she hasn’t been the prettiest gal at the ball for awhile. Still, with a “Most fan friendly” award from ESPN and what Deadspin recently showed as the cheapest beer per ounce in the MLB, she’s sort of […]

Angels fans: It could be worse

It is tough to be an Angels fan right now. Reasons? Take your pick! How about a payroll that Scrooge McDuck’s money bin would be hard pressed to keep up with? Maybe you prefer the acute and nagging injuries peppering the roster? Perhaps you prefer to observe the long term contracts to aging players and […]

Angels stadium fun when the season is done

Just as there is no joy in Mudville, it seems there is no hope at Angels Stadium. Every win now garners a half-hearted cheer as the stats move to reflect the year being a little less bad. Every loss is met with a shrug and a scowl. With the club all but mathematically eliminated from […]

Angels hitting the reset button

When a team surrenders the season, it’s obvious. One of two things happens that signals a club has raised the white flag and turned their eyes towards next season. Either a team goes on lockdown and starts drawing up contract extensions and planning arbitration hearings, or they have a fire sale and start clearing cap […]

The Blanton-Butcher incident: a dramatic re-telling presents, a dramatic re-telling of the Joe Blanton vs. Mike Butcher incident: It was a warm, sunny day in Seattle (which is unusual for a city with an average of 150 rainy days a year). Joe Blanton was on the mound for the Angels at the Mariners’ Safeco Field, and he was in quite […]

Angels Free Agent Spotlight: Mascots

To say the Angels' season has been a rollercoaster ride thus far would be an understatement.   Indeed, there are few other ways to describe an eight game win streak snapped by a Houston Astros sweep. This was followed up by what optimists would describe as a "mediocre showing," where the team won only eight […]

The Hamilton Hex?

There’s no easy way to say what must be said. In situations like this, where no amount of decorum or politeness will mask the sting of the words, it’s best to just go full steam ahead and hope for the best. Josh Hamilton has been a bust. In the field, Josh Hamilton has been nothing […]

Is the Angels’ season over?

About one month ago, the following was written: If the Angels are swept by the Astros at any point, let’s agree to … start mainlining Prozac. Well, good news for the pharmaceutical lobby: The Angels have seemingly turned from the winning ways that brought them an 8 game win streak and proceeded to screw the […]

Cliches at the big A

At the risk of being a jinx, the Angels appear to have turned the corner. Their recent winning streak and the historic highlight of Mike Trout hitting for the cycle seem to have sparked something in the team. However, the train is only leaving the station. There’s no telling what twists and turns await ahead […]

Five good reasons to replace Josh Hamilton with a turtle

With the season in full gear, it’s time to face facts. The Angels are hurting and no one can quite put their finger on a diagnosis. Any and all suggestions are being considered as the team looks for ways to hit their stride and begin making a climb in the AL West. Trades, minor league […]

Signs of good cheer(ing sections)

In some ways, a sporting event is like an old timey, fun timey melodrama. We have our heros, we have our villains and we, the fans, play our part as the audience by cheering the good guys and booing the bad guys. In true dramatic fashion, sports fans have written a robust history of wacky […]