Angels progress report: Deja vu all over again.

“Deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.” -Trinity, “The Matrix”.   If deja vu happens when something is changed, then one wonders how the Angels have managed to achieve it without changing a thing. After all, at this time last year, we were asking ourselves most of […]

Vernon Wells: A look back

January 21, 2011. For Angels fans, it is a day that shall live in infamy.   Less than a month into the new year, Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera found themselves bound for the great white north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Meanwhile, in Anaheim, players and personnel awaited the arrival of the Angels' newest acquisition: […]

A second look at the Angels spring training stats

With spring training baseball up to full speed and headed for the regular season, the news is coming fast and furious. Each rest day, each slap double, each pick-off attempt is being carefully reviewed, studied and analyzed by coaches to help players perform their best, and by opponents searching for any sign of weakness. Like […]

An open letter to Mike Scioscia

Dear Mike, Hope you’ve had a great offseason. I’m sure you weren’t ready to leave work to go on break, but, hey, any opportunity to get some lasagna and watch some football right? Like all good times, Mike, this one must too come to an end. Our restful, baseball-less break is over. Now, it’s time […]

Pitchers and Catchers and Superbowls, Oh My!

With Super Bowl stories finishing their turn passing through the headlines, very few eyes are on the baseball happenings. The NFL simply owns the first week of February. Nothing in hockey, basketball, or baseball can compare to the big game or its aftermath. Rather than looking at who’s avoiding salary arbitration in the MLB, most […]

Building Up Buttercup

The Rally Monkey, the “Steal Third” kid’s run, and light-up beer glasses. To Southern Californians, these items are the signatures of the Big A, Angels Stadium of Anaheim. Certainly there are countless other hallmarks of the stadium, but they all share one thing: Tradition. Some newer than others, but all are considered calling cards of […]

Angels’ New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year off to a jump-start, the gyms are packed, the e-cigarettes are flying off the shelves and self-improvement is on everyone’s mind. Every new year brings a clean slate. It can be seen as a 365-day chance for people to re-evaluate and improve themselves. Professional athletes are no exception. Far from it, […]

Angels letters to Santa

With the Christmas spirit in full swing, everyone is decorating trees, stapling lights to their homes, baking wide assortments of holiday goodies and, of course, writing letters to Santa. With less than fifty days until pitchers and catchers report, baseball is attempting to engage in all of these holiday activities while frantically working out trades, […]

Breaking up with Zack Greinke

Dear Zack,   You know we care about you a lot,or we wouldn’t be writing. That’s part of what makes this so hard to say We don’t understand what went wrong, Zack. One day we were racing to take the AL West and the next you’re saying we need to see other people. Was it […]

A very Angels Thanksgiving

With many people in the post-thanksgiving food coma, the spirit of gratitude may have taken a momentary back seat today to the regrets and lessons of overindulgence. Still, it would be somewhat uncouth to not take stock of our blessings. Sure, it seems that most of the news surrounding the Angels lately has been either […]

Hunter and Haren, a tour around the majors

As sports fans, it sometimes falls on us to show a modicum of grace in defeat. In most recent Halo history, that defeat is the loss of Dan Haren and Torii Hunter to free agency. It’s easy to whine, place blame, and get angry at the loss of two great players. Rather than take the […]

AL Rookie of the Year: Game of Votes

If the commercials on the television, radio and internet are any indication, election season is in full swing. Members of our state and federal governments are out there fighting hard for your vote and just as one voting race is picking up steam, another has come to an end. The Sporting News MLB Rookie of […]

In the hunt for Hunter

Another regular season gone, another off season to point fingers, dwell on “what ifs” and start calculating salary cap room. As fans of any non-playoff team can tell you, once the regular season is over, thoughts immediately turn to offseason roster moves. It is a fast-paced, high stakes game of Fantasy Baseball and everyone is […]

Re-inventing the AL MVP race

Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout. The AL MVP race is pretty much a two-horse race at this point. It’s the explosive rookie phenom vs. the man chasing the elusive Triple Crown. Those who decry baseball as “boring” would be hard pressed to explain the tension present in this sudden rivalry. Almost overnight, it seems every […]

How Trumbo can get his groove back

Roller coasters are supposed to be fun. Their steel structures stand tall against the backdrop of the sky, and as they barrel down their pre-determined course, one can hear children screaming in delight through ups, downs, loops, switches and unexpected twists and turns. Playoff race roller coasters are not so fun. It’s easy to be […]

Well, well, Wells, another blockbuster Dodgers trade?

We are a little over a week removed from the blockbuster trade that brought the MLB’s focus back to Southern California. The Los Angeles Dodgers made a roster move that can only be described as “tremendous”, accquiring Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, Nick Punto in exchange for first baseman James Loney and a handful […]

Mike Trout’s fatal weakness

"Once we know our weaknesses they cease to do us any harm." -Georg C. Lichtenberg It is safe to say Mike Trout is the hottest rookie sensation since Tim Salmon to grace the Big A. Everyone from Sports Illustrated to Vogue wants a piece of Trout, and who can blame them? The numbers he’s put […]

How to fix the Angels? Human sacrifice

There is bad juju in the village. Production is low, defense of the land is slipping and it seems like that which has given people hope has faded. There is only one way to appease the mystic forces that govern: Sacrifice must be given! Sadly, this isn’t a scene happening on a remote island in […]

A modest proposal: return baseball to the olympics

The Olympics are a time for the best and brightest of the nation to come together and prove who is the best. Intense physical competitions requiring precision focus and animal strength are stacked around the clock, leaving one with no time to catch their breath. Over two weeks, human perfection is on display as athletes […]

Trade Deadline: Dwight is right for the angels

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, the rumors are coming fast and furious. Greinke, Hamels, and Liriano are a few of the names being thrown around as people who may be wearing an Angels uniform after July 30th. However, there is a top-tier free agent that no one is considering. It’s high time we start […]