Series Preview: Angels Vs. Astros Vs. Third Place

The Angels are off to Minute Maid Park to play a three-game set with the Houston Astros, and if the 31-38 Angels could pull off a sweep against the 34-36 Astros, the Halos could actually take over third place by half-a-game.  The Astros will have a fully healthy squad ready to welcome an Angel team […]

The Angels’ Father-Son Combos

Pictured above — Casey and Tom Kotchman During the past fifty-five years, there have been countless numbers of fathers and sons (and daughters) who have enjoyed watching Angel baseball together, and this will obviously continue to be a tradition for many years to come.  But did you know that that there are three sets of […]

Jered Weaver’s Top Five Games

At the end of the 2016 season, Jered Weaver’s contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will expire, and it could very well mean the end of Weaver’s illustrious career.  He has provided Angel fans with a decade full of highlights and is clearly one of the best pitchers the franchise has ever had.  […]

Imagining A Revamped Angels Offense

As of this morning, May 13, the Los Angeles Angels sit in last place in the AL West at 13-21. Though their starting pitching woes have been garnering the headlines lately, their (lack of) offense might be an even bigger problem. Even with Thursday’s 10-run outburst, the Angels have still scored the fewest runs of any […]

Potential Keys to Rising in the AL West

The 2016 version of the American League West looks like it will be one of the toughest divisions in all of baseball. Every team made additions at key positions, and there’s a case to be made for any of the five squads making the playoffs. It’s impossible to know how things will shake out this […]

Halo History: Bobby Grich, Eight-Time All-Star

Bobby Grich, one of the best second basemen in the history of Major League Baseball, was actually a six-time All-Star—thrice with the Orioles and thrice with the Angels. The thing is, there is a running theme of getting overlooked that runs through Grich’s baseball career: he was a once and done on the 1990 Hall of Fame […]

Halo History: Favorite Angels Baseball Cards

I got a notification Thursday morning announcing the terrific news that Topps had selected Mike Trout to be card number one in their 2016 set. Being the first card in the set is a tradition that baseball card companies have followed to honor a special player. Topps decided to let fans choose by way of […]

Halo History: The Best Angels Offense Ever

It used to be that statements based on the premise “the greatest ever” were purely subjective opinions, but now the sabermetric revolution has changed all that when it comes to baseball. If we wanted and had the right access, we could probably determine how many times Player A blinked while standing at first base when […]

Halo History: The Best Angels Outfield Ever

With Mike Trout entrenched in center field, Kole Calhoun in right, and a premium left fielder still lurking out there in free agency, Angel fans are not to be blamed for entertaining the thought that the Halo outfield corps of 2016 could be the best the franchise has ever assembled. If Arte Moreno ever decides […]

Angels Winter Wishlist: Tony Sipp and a Baserunning Coach

I know the Angels bullpen doesn’t necessarily have a big hole in it that needs immediate attention, but the addition of Tony Sipp could very well be the crucial piece that pushes the Angels back into the playoffs. One of the intimidating aspects of the best clubs in baseball is their shutdown bullpen. The American […]

Bobby Grich is a Hall of Famer: An Annual Reminder

(Ed. note: This is one of several posts on different aspects of Bobby’s Grich’s Hall of Fame candidacy Jeff Mays has written over the past few years. Sadly, the others, written at Halos Daily, were eaten by the Internet overlords earlier this year.) At the end of the 1976 season, baseball’s first free-agent class hit […]

Remembering Dean Chance

One man who had a hard time forgetting standout Angels pitcher Dean Chance was Yankees legend Mickey Mantle. Once, after he swung and missed at a Dean Chance darting fastball away at the knee, Mantle turned to Angel catcher/pitch-caller Bob Rodgers and pleaded, “C’mon, Buck.  This ain’t fair!” Mantle went 13-for-53 in his career against […]

Halo History: Twenty-Game Winners Still a Thing?

With the baseball world abuzz over Cub starting pitcher Jake Arrieta’s twentieth win of the season, it seems as though the twenty-win plateau is still an admirable achievement, even in this modern age where sabermetricians have proven beyond a doubt that a pitcher’s win total has very little bearing on his overall effectiveness.  So what […]

Halo Headlines: A Change in the Rotation, Yogi Berra Passes Away

The September 23, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news includes a slight reshuffling of the starting pitching rotation, the Yogi Berra-Los Angeles Angels connection, and more…   The Story:  Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney to switch spots in rotation MWAH Says:  This means Richards will be in line to start the wildcard game, if […]

Halo Headlines: Gold Glove for Calhoun, Playoff Tickets on Sale

The September 22, 2015 edition of Los Angeles Angels news includes Kole Calhoun closing in on his first Gold Glove award, Angel playoff tickets going on sale, and more…   The Story:  Kole Calhoun a favorite to win 2015 Gold Glove MWAH Says:  This comes as no surprise to Angel fans who have been enjoying […]

Boxscore Breakdown #149: Duffey Downed ‘Em – Twins 8, Angels 1

It was the best of starting pitchers, it was the worst of starting pitchers in the game on Sunday.  Matt Shoemaker, making his return to MLB action after having been derailed by a forearm strain, was hit hard and hit often.  The Twins’ starting pitcher, Tyler Duffey, who made his MLB debut this August filling […]

Boxscore Breakdown #148: Let’s Play Two! – Angels 5, Twins 2

The Angels completed their Twin killing on Saturday with another win to sweep the doubleheader, leapfrog ahead of the Twins in the wildcard standings, and sit just one and a half games behind the Astros for the second wildcard spot with a three-game series with Houston on deck.  Hold on to your hats and glasses, […]

Boxscore Breakdown #147: Overtime Affair – Angels 4, Twins 3

Friday’s rain-out predicated that a doubleheader would be played on Saturday.  The first game took twelve innings and five Angel relief pitchers to resolve, but we’ll take it if it comes with another victory over one of the two teams ahead of the Halos in the tight race for that second wild card slot. Angels […]

Boxscore Breakdown #146: Target Practice – Angels 11, Twins 8

Hey all you naysayers, that Yogi-ism it ain’t over ’til it’s over seems to be more true than ever 146 games into this season.  After twisting on the vine of mediocrity pretty much all season long, the Angels look like they have a legitimate shot at squeaking into the playoffs.  With sixteen games left to […]

Our Last Chance to Watch Torii Play?

This four-game series against the Twins may be the last time Angel fans get to see Torii Hunter in MLB action.  That is, if the Twins don’t win a wildcard spot in the playoffs and Torii retires after the completion of this season.  Way back in 2011, Torii was talking about retirement, telling the Minneapolis […]