Why these last games still matter

The nonsense has died down, thankfully, because I really was starting to get annoyed with a few websites a few weeks ago. There were numerous suggestions that the Angel’s, their season all but over, should essentially lay down and play dead in the hope of improving their Draft position in 2014. Since then, the Angels […]

Scioscia and Dipoto: Should they stay or should they go?

Ok, so, barring a mathematically stunning win/loss streak across the entire AL West, The Angels season is over. You know it isn’t going well when some people are lambasting this team for having the audacity to win a few games on their way out, thus potentially lowering their place in the draft queue, but I […]

The Big A-Minus

Recently, I made my annual pilgrimage to the Big A, for the day-game against Oakland. Bartolo Colon made sure the game wasn't one to remember, but it did give me a chance to look around the stadium, in the light of any possible rebuild/renovation. Full disclaimer here – I only go once a year, and […]

Baseball night in New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand is over 6500 miles from LA. It also happens to be where I live. In New Zealand, although Baseball is one of the fastest growing sports, few people follow it, and the majority of the population would be hard pressed to name more than half a dozen MLB teams. You see a […]

5 Thoughts I wish I wasn’t having

As the halfway point of the season approaches, I think it’s fair to say most Angels' fans are wishing they could start it all over again. 11 games out in fourth place in the division really isn’t what we were expecting. On that note, here are five other thoughts that have been rattling around my […]

Seriously? The Angels got swept by the Astros?

At the start of this season, every Halos fan knew there was one team standing in the way of the postseason. A team within the division who they needed to beat regularly in order to keep, at the very least, the wildcard open as a way into Fall baseball. A team from Texas.   Seriously […]

The Angels are finally showing signs of life

Typical. I start writing about the winning streak, with the Angels up 6-1 against the Dodgers in what, I assumed, would be game nine of it….and, yeah. However, I will continue, with the same direct question to the Angels that I was going to start with, if they had won today. "Who are you people, […]

Keep calm and carry on

Apologies for the gap between posts from me, I’ve been busy with my “night job” at the NZ International Comedy Festival, and also, quite frankly, I’ve been waiting for the Angels to improve. It’s not quite happened, has it? Third worst record in Baseball, 11.5 games behind the Rangers at the time of writing, and […]

5 out of left field ideas for Mike Scioscia

Although we have been seeing some signs of life, the pulse still isn’t strong in the Angels. OK, the injuries haven’t been as disastrous as they could have been, with Luis Jimenez covering third base more than adequately, and although we miss Erick Aybar, Harris and Romine haven’t embarrassed themselves at shortstop. The pitching has […]

Another April Fool’s for the Angels

Oh God. It’s happening again, isn’t it? The Angel’s have started April with an ongoing fool’s joke. Last year we went 3-6 in the first nine. Now we’re 2-7.  Last year we had a bullpen who looked like they were collectively trying to step up from little league. This year, they look like they’re all […]

5 Opening Day Questions for the Angels

With dawn about to break on a new Angels season, there is a ton of anticipation tempered with a few nagging questions. Time will answer these for me, but I don’t have that kind of patience, so call them concerns or curiosities, here’s my top 5. 5) How will they start? Better than last year. […]

Farewell to Vernon Wells

Goodbye, Vernon Wells. You were great as Wez in Mad Max 2, and iconic as Bennett in Commando, and California will miss you. What? Oh. The other one. Better start this again… Jerry Dipoto has done it again, pulling off the impossible by trading Vernon Wells. He and a chunk of that much derided salary […]

The forgotten Angels: Chris Iannetta

The Angels preseason press is unequivocal. Mike Trout is the new Mickey Mantle. Pujols, Hamilton and Trumbo are the new Murderer’s Row. Weaver could be the new Verlander, if it wasn’t for the fact that, annoyingly, every year some guy called “Verlander” keeps being that. Spring training is winding up, and the Angels are a […]

The forgotten Angels: Vernon Wells.

Hi. I’m Jeremy Elwood. Let me introduce myself; I’m a new writer to this site, I’m a huge Angels Fan, and I’m a professional comedian and TV writer. Oh, and I live in New Zealand. Figure that out in your own time.   So, as my introduction to Monkey With A Halo, I thought I’d […]