The defense rests; Angels fall to Rangers 7-4

If that wasn't a microcosm of the 2013 Angels' season, then I don't know what would be. At least this season ends tomorrow and we can all start the rampant speculation about who will be fired and who will be traded. This year has been one giant misstep from the outset and there are no innocents […]

Trying to end on a high note, Angels win 6-5

Can the misery just end already? Today the Angels were officially eliminated from post season contention. I guess we should applaud that it took this long to happen. Most of us gave up on the playoffs months ago, but the team kept trudging along and has played sginificanty better in the past month. But now […]

Blah, Blah, Blah; Angels win over Astros 6-2

I simply could not care less about this game. This is what it must have felt like to be a Pirates fan for the last 20 years. What we have here is a meaningless game between two teams who are all just counting the days till their seasons are over. All tonight did was highlight […]

Better Late than Never; Angels defeat Rangers 8-3

You realize that the Angels are only 10 games out of the second wild card? I believe people I believe… Okay not really. But the drive to .500 is legitimate. With tonight's win the Halos are just 7 games under the break even mark. That seems like a realisic goal for the remainder of the […]

Anaheim “Bees” shut out Brewers 5-0

Heres' the kind of season it's been for the Angels. Normally when a team is out of contention come September, they start calling up some hot prospects to audition for the major league club for the following year. However, that seems to have been the entire month of August already, so just when it's time […]

Who are these guys? Angels win again 5-1

Look, we all know the season is over. The tweets have become less and less during ballgames. The TV broadcast has taken to interviewing random fans (some of who are clearly drunk at the time). There is a good chance even the most die hard of fans can't name half of the starting line-up, but […]

Angels shut it down; beat M’s 2-0

Today was a weird day. First the news broke that either Mike Scioscia or Jerry DiPoto will be fired at the end of the season. Then a report surfaced that last year Albert Pujols and Torii Hunter almost came to blows in a clubhouse argument. Oh yeah, then the Halos had to go out and […]

Angels win a see-saw affair; defeat Astros in extras

Wins are certainly nicer than losses. Walk off wins are expecially sweet, even when they don't mean anything. What you had tonight was to lackluster teams trying to catch fire for the long slog through the last two months. These games are about auditioning for next year. Youngsters trying to stay up in the show. […]

Astros Continue to own Angels; defeat Halos 8-2

These are truly the dog days of August. When your team is out of the pennant race and just playing out the string, night's like tonight are a hard watch. The dominance the Astros have had over the Angels this season is baffling. The Astros are a terrible team and unfortunetely the Angels aren't really […]

The sound of victory; Angels defeat Indians 5-2

(Warning: weird, tangent filled recap coming. Let's face it, these games mean nothing. Why bother you with what happened. If you're curious, see the game notes after the jump) There are some real advantages to east coast games when the team you root for is just playing out the string. First, the games end earlier […]

Offense keeps rolling as Angels win 7-3

Where has this offense been all season. Who would have thought removing Albert Pujols from the offense would spark it to a run of three straight games of big numbers? I'm sure it's a momentary thing and it will eventually correct itself but for at least the last couple of nights, it has been a frenzy […]

Kiddie core leads the way; Angels top Jays 7-5

When your team is out of the playoff chase with two months to go, you start watching baseball differently. Wins and losses still matter but you start examining players for their future impact rather than any contribution they will make to salvaging the lost season. Such was the case tonight as a host of youngsters […]

Bullpen can’t hold; Angels fall 3-1 to Oakland

I think I speak for the entire Angel fan base when I say it's time to SELL, SELL, SELL! Trade Howie Kendrick to a team in need of a solid, streaky hitter. Trade Erick Aybar to a team in need of a solid defenive shortstop who can bunt on occasion. See if anyone wiil take […]

Pitching woes continue; Angels fall to A’s

Going into the season everyone had the same questions about the Angels. Could they muster enough starting pitching to survive when their offense didn't score a ton of runs? What could they expect out of the rotation that was built on a bunch of random B- to C+ major league arms? Well, 101 games into […]

Wilson shines as Angels beat A’s 2-0

I said it last night, the pitching has to hold up if the Angels are going to get back into this race. So far, so good. One night after Jered Weaver shut the A's down, CJ Wilson goes out and throws what might have been his best game as an Angel. Wilson has been so […]

The long climb begins; Angels beat A’s 4-1

There's an old saying, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For the Angels, any hope of contention for the AL West title or a wild card begins with nights like tongiht. The A's are one of the best teams in baseball (I know I threw up a little just typing […]

Angels mail another one in; fall to Mariners again

Count the Angels as one of those clubs that is definetly looking ahead to the All Star Break. The last two nights have highlighted everything that has been wrong with the season so far. Tonight, the defense and the bullpen contributed to what was a pitcher's duel becoming a laugher for the Mariners. This trend is […]

Angels say goodbye to a .500 first half; lose to Mariners

It's official. The Angels will end the ceremonial first half of the season under .500. The loss tonight means that even if they win the next two the Halos best case scenario is 46-47 to head into the all star break. Now if you had checked with me about a month ago and told me […]

Angels roar back in the ninth; Win in Extras

Admit it, you stopped watching around the 6th inning. Sure, you kept your phone on just to check in from time to time, but surely there was something better on TV than watching the Angles mail another one in. Still questions remained. Would they get totally blown out? would there be any sort of comeback […]

Defense breaks down; Angels Fall to Red Sox

I loathe the Red Sox. I have trained in my years of Angel's fandom to hate the Rangers, A's and Mariners. Over time I have come to despise the Yankees for the wanton self-entitlement. But the Red Sox have a special place of anger in my heart. I hate the way they cry about being […]