Angels hit Lucky 7, Shut out royals

Things are rolling right along right now. Today's game was a victory of a thousand papercuts. There wasn't one big event you could point to that caused the win, just a teams playing good baseball right now on all fronts. Anytime you can coax a win out of a career minor league pitcher, you have […]

Angels white hot, win 6th straight over Royals

Streaks are strange beasts. Winning or losing is often arbitrary and not always the outcome of the better team playing better. When a team gets on a winning streak, many will attribute it to players feeling more comfortable, or an easier part of the schedule. These factors are surely at play when it comes to the […]

Angels continue hit parade, sweep Mariners 7-1

Okay, so I'm trying to temper my excitement a bit about the Angels winning four games in a row. This is mostly due to the fact that, with the exception of Jake Peavy, the pitching they have faced has been less than stellar. But give credit where credit is due, the boys are hitting the […]

The Highs and Lows of the Game, Angels win a wild one 12-9

This is the kind of game that drives Angels fans crazy. The start of the game brought with all the usual heartbreak of a Joe Blanton start. Then all of a sudden an unknown reliever bails them out and the offense starts hitting the cover off the ball. Just when it looks like a laugher, […]

Angels continue free fall, lose to White Sox 3-0

Confession time. I didn't actually watch this game. (full disclosure; I was chaperoning a high school prom…I know fun right?) The truth is I didn't really need to watch this game since I think we all could have guessed the outcome. The only questions we had were in the detail of the Angels losing, not […]

Starting to turn things around, Angels win 3rd in a row

I'm sure that the mere fact Angel fans are celebrating three wins in a row on the road shoudl be an indicator about the state of affairs in and around this team. But tonight's win over the White Sox carries with it the air of a team righting the ship. The Angels are slowly starting […]

Angels ride the rollercoaster, defeat White Sox 7-5

I have to admit that I only sort of paid attention to this game until late. This was due to three factors. 1) the Anaheim Ducks are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and playoff hockey is awesome. 2) My children were wild banshees due to the fact that I was immersed in two sporting events […]

Little things hurt Halos, Fall to Orioles 5-4

For years the Angels prided themselves on playing immensely smart baseball.They played aggressively on the basepaths and forced other teams to make mistakes. They played solid defense and got timely hits from unlikely sources. The current roster is the antithesis of those teams. Today the Angels made defensive miscues that led to runs, the baserunners […]

Vargas shuts it down, Angels top O’s 4-0

Do you realize that the much maligned Angels' starting rotation has thrown quality starts in 7 of their last 8 games? Is it really possible that the Halo rotation isn't as bad as it seems? Could pitching be the thing that gets the Angels moving up the standings rather than the vaunted offense? I know […]

Scioscia’s decision costs Angels, Lose 3-2

There has always been one constant when it comes to the Angels. Mike Scioscia is the manager now and for the foreseeable future. He is widely regarded as one of the best managers in the game. Most people believe the Halos would be insane to get rid of him since it would be an inferior […]

Pitchers walk the high wire, Angels win 6-3 over Mariners

Games in which the Angels take a 5-0 lead should not end up being this stressful. But when your pitching staff is a collection of youngsters and reclammation projects, nothing is going to come easy. The hurlers almost threw this game up on more than one occassion but managed to wiggle out of enough trouble […]

First Inning Beatdown; Angels demolish Tigers 10-0

Last night it was tempting to treat the offensive explosion as a one game anomoly. But after the first inning of today's game, I think it is safe to say the Angel bats are wide awake. Nine runs in an innng doesn't happen very often and it also marked the second day the team has […]

Offense hits on all cylinders, Angels defeat Tigers

Hey look, an offense!! It's about freakin' time the Angels hit and scored some runs. Add to that some Harry Houdini like pitching and, Voila!, the Halos get a victory. Now let's not get carried away; one win does not a division title make. However, there were a lot of positive signs to take away […]

Albert Pujols reminds us he’s the man, Angels win 5-4

The last few days there has been increasing chatter about how the loss of Torii Hunter has turned the Angels into mindless zombies who show little or no emotion on the field. I bemoaned the lack of interest just yesterday, although I think the Hunter thing is a bit overblown. In reality, the Angels just […]

Is this finally rock bottom? Angels lost to Astros 5-0

At what point does the old axiom "it's early" stop being true? Just when we thought the Angels couldn't sink any lower in this young season, along comes tonight's game. This was the very definition of a mail it in affair. The starting pitching was atrocious again and the hitters had no interest in even […]