Pitchers walk the high wire, Angels win 6-3 over Mariners

Games in which the Angels take a 5-0 lead should not end up being this stressful. But when your pitching staff is a collection of youngsters and reclammation projects, nothing is going to come easy. The hurlers almost threw this game up on more than one occassion but managed to wiggle out of enough trouble […]

First Inning Beatdown; Angels demolish Tigers 10-0

Last night it was tempting to treat the offensive explosion as a one game anomoly. But after the first inning of today's game, I think it is safe to say the Angel bats are wide awake. Nine runs in an innng doesn't happen very often and it also marked the second day the team has […]

Offense hits on all cylinders, Angels defeat Tigers

Hey look, an offense!! It's about freakin' time the Angels hit and scored some runs. Add to that some Harry Houdini like pitching and, Voila!, the Halos get a victory. Now let's not get carried away; one win does not a division title make. However, there were a lot of positive signs to take away […]

Albert Pujols reminds us he’s the man, Angels win 5-4

The last few days there has been increasing chatter about how the loss of Torii Hunter has turned the Angels into mindless zombies who show little or no emotion on the field. I bemoaned the lack of interest just yesterday, although I think the Hunter thing is a bit overblown. In reality, the Angels just […]

Is this finally rock bottom? Angels lost to Astros 5-0

At what point does the old axiom "it's early" stop being true? Just when we thought the Angels couldn't sink any lower in this young season, along comes tonight's game. This was the very definition of a mail it in affair. The starting pitching was atrocious again and the hitters had no interest in even […]

Pitching woes continue, Angels get blasted by A’s 11-5

I think we all expected the Angels pitching staff to be the brunt of our jokes this year. This was a starting rotation only mothers and sabermetric GM's could love. I must have stared at the rotation for about three days trying to convince myself this would work out. Jason Vargas can be decent at […]

Halo Offense Wakes Up, Angels defeat Rangers 8-4

So far this season things have been a little topsy-turvy in halo land. The pitching has been solid (with the exception of Ervin Blantana) and the offense has been shaky. But today things were righted on the offensive side as the Angels blasted four homers and cruised to a win. The win is equally key […]

Bullpen implodes again, Angels Fall To Rangers 3-2

Last season one of the running themese was the bullpen costing the Angels several games early on in the year which led to a huge hole in the standings. As a result, Mr. Super Fantastic GM DiPoto went out and overhauled the pen adding new faces and new roles. Unfortunately, a few holes still remain. […]

Game Recaps 9/30/12 — Emotions — Angels 5,7 Rangers 4,8

When I woke up this morning I knew this day would be full of emotion. Rooting for your favorite teams is what makes sports both the most enjoyable and the most heart wrenching of experiences. After yesterday's rainout, I volunteered to take on the doubleheader with the full knowledge that the season for the Angels […]

Game Recap 9/28/12 — Our Time Is Running Out — Angels 7 Rangers 4

Baseball at this time of the year is an exhausting experience. Outside of the emotional investment that comes with rooting on your favorite team as the cling to their playoff lives like so much cooked spaghetti, there's the added outpouring of emotion into games that can affect the playoff situaiton. Never have I cared more […]

Game Recap 9/22/12 — Teambuilding — Angels 4 White Sox 2

This is a weird time of the season. Over the course of today I was routing for the Red Sox, Yankees and Mariners. This is the kind of thing that makes a Halo fan break out in hives. But in order for the Angels to make the playoffs, we all have to get a little […]

Game Recap 9/21/12 — Just Hanging Around — Angels 6 White Sox 2

The Angels are messing with baseball's narrative. National writers want so badly to get on to the business of celebrating the A's and Orioles (and to be fair they have been quite remarkable), but the Angels simply will not go away. Didn't anyone tell them their shot at the playoffs is over? Why do they […]

Game Recap 9/15/12 — Gut Shot — Angels 2 Royals 3

This being a family website I will try to refrain from swearing in a long, comma laden string of profanity over tonight's game. If the Angels don't make the playoffs there will be a lot of reasons why. The terrible start highlighted by Albert Pujols worst month as a professional ballplayer. The inconsistent seasons by […]

Game Recap 9/14/12 — Wild Nights in KC — Angels 9 Royals 7

I remember as a kid it seemed a lot of Angels season's died in mid August in Kansas City. The Halos would be clinging to faint playoff hopes only to see them dashed in hot summer nights in the midwest. Weird games always happen in KC with the Angels usually ending up on the wrong […]

Game Recap 9/7/12 — We Don’t Quit — Angels 3 Tigers 2

Say what you want about this Angels team, they rarely ever quit. Tonight's game seemed to be teetering on the brink of catastrophe from the third inning on. Sherzer was unhittable and we all knew it was just a matter of time before either Ervin Santana imploded or the bullpen came in and lit a […]

Game Recap 8/18/12 — It’s All Over — Angels 8 Rays 10

I'm not sure I can properly process all that happened tonight. I can say one thing for sure, the Angels are not making the playoffs this year. What on paper was supposed to be a World Series contender will instead be remembered as the signature disappointment of the season. With the splashy spending spree of […]