Angels Implode, lose to the Rangers 14-11

  What more can be said about a game like this than, "Who's ready for 2014?" On a night in which third baseman Alberto Callaspo was traded to the Oakland A's mid-game, the Angels showed just why they are closer to last than first place in the West.   The undermanned, injury-laden Texas Rangers still […]

The Halos clobber Samardzija; Angels defeat the Cubs, 13-2

If this is how it's going to be the rest of the season, the Angels may still be in for quite the postseason run. When owner Arte Moreno lured Josh Hamilton away from the Texas Rangers last winter, he envisioned nights like this one occurring all summer long. Angels fans anticipated an offense so prodigious […]

Angels fall, listlessly, to the Woeful Cubs, 7-2

It was as if a fairy tale had come to a shuddering, depressing, fiery end. Joe Blanton, bringer of home runs, feigning effectiveness as a major league starting pitcher the past few weeks, decided to lay a new rotten egg. The latest trick of his was to surrender four home runs to the second-to-last-place Cubs. […]

Albert’s reunion not really about Albert; Angels beat the Cardinals 5-1

  It was becoming quite nauseating. National baseball writer after national baseball writer had written puff piece after puff piece about how Albert Pujols missed his old team. The gist of the story lines ran a little like "Albert Pujols is bitter towards the Cardinals. But Albert Pujols also loves his old teammates, so it's […]

Mike Trout and CJ Wilson win the game; Angels defeat the Mariners, 1-0

Rarely in baseball can you see two players basically win the game for their team. It's simply not typical of sport that allows its teams to carry 25 players on their active rosters.   However, this Angels season has been anything but typical, and they won a game in untypical fashion Wednesday night. CJ Wilson […]

Josh kicks up “failure” to epic proportions; Angels fall to the Mariners, 3-2

  Josh Hamilton grounded into three double plays and struck out the other two times he came to the plate. Mike Trout did everything he could to will his team's offense into something resembling legitimacy. Instead, he was anchored at first, with Scioscia failing to employ his favorite (until this year) offensive tactic of activating […]

Aybar “slams” it home and cracks O’s Pen; Angels defeat the Orioles 9-5

  It was looking to be another snoozer with a familiar storyline. Angels offense struggles and sputters to another defeat while another starter pitches well enough to win, but doesn't. But it wasn't to be, thanks to a clutch bases-clearing, inside-the-park "grand slam" by Erick Aybar. Sure, it was technically a 3-run triple, with an […]

Not good enough; Angels fall to the Orioles, 3-2

The Angels continue to confound with their winless ways. They pitched well, they played remarkable, stunning, jaw-dropping defense, and still couldn't defeat the Baltimore Orioles. Starter Jason Vargas pitched as well as he could've. Peter Bourjos, fresh off the DL, showed just why he is in centerfield instead of Mike Trout, robbing JJ Hardy (the […]

Back to Their Losing Ways; Angels fall to the Cubs, 8-6

  Despite a Herculean 2-home-run effort by Mark Trumbo, the Angels continued to baffle with their losing ways. At this point, we can talk about the fact that Jason Vargas essentially made one mistake (a 3-run home run to Cody Ransom), or we can talk about Erick Aybar swinging at a 2-0 pitch and popping […]

Weaver Is Back; Angels defeat the Dodgers, 4-3

  The Dodgers nearly made a comeback against an tottering Ernesto Frieri in the 9th inning, but the story of the night is definitely the return of Angels ace Jered Weaver. The now-healthy starting pitcher, the anchor for the staff, finally made a triumphant return to the Big A, eight weeks after shattering his left […]

Bats are Ryu’d to sleep; Angels fall to the Dodgers, 3-0

  It's still too soon to declare the 8-game winning streak a mirage for the Angels, but boy have they looked uninspiring these past couple games. After the offense roared to a 5-run lead yesterday, C.J. Wilson returned to his wild-boy tendencies. Today, the bats decided to stay home.   Dodgers starter Hyun-Jin Ryu spotted […]

Mike Trout hits for the Cycle, Angels trounce the Mariners, 12-0

The evening began with birthday boy Josh Hamilton launching a deep 2-run home run into left centerfield. The star of Arte Moreno's 2012 offseason looks like he is finally ready to climb out of his season-long funk. And that could very well have been the story of the night, but the 32-year-old's birthday bash was […]

They’re still waiting to land, Marine Layer be damned; Angels beat the Royals, 6-2

  Who would've thought it? The Angels knocked the cover off the baseball Tuesday night, riding solo home runs to victory over the Kansas City Royals. Albert Pujols, Howie Kendrick, Josh Hamilton, and Mike Trout all absolutely clobbered baseballs, sending them screaming into orbit.   A night after Joe Blanton laid another solid turd out […]