Angels and Tanking: Hitting The Reset Button

There are a few things in life that you simply can’t attach words too. Sure, there are words that we have in our lexicon that we use to describe those situations, but it is my opinion that those words don’t truly encompass the feelings associated with those moments in life, no matter how broad the […]

2016 Angels Preview: Jered Weaver

Jered Weaver had long been an enigma for sabermetrically inclined folks. For the baseball fans that don’t subscribe to WAR, FIP, and other peripheral stats with acronyms starting with x’s or ending in a plus or minus sign, Jered Weaver looked like the ideal starting pitcher for any team in Major League Baseball. He won […]

2016 Angels Preview: Andrelton Simmons

Andrelton Simmons is probably going to be treated unfairly by this blogger in the coming years. It’s not his fault really, it’s Billy Eppler’s. And I am going to be even more unfair if Sean Newcomb pans out and becomes a frontline starting pitcher. But, here the Angels are, going into 2016 with an even shadier […]

2016 Angels Preview: Daniel Nava

Daniel Nava is a professional baseball player who is signed to a contract to play for the Los Angeles Angels in 2016. Bu the reality of Daniel Nava is that he is much more than that. Daniel Nava is a metaphor. Angels fans were dying for Arte Moreno to give Billy Eppler the go-ahead to go […]

2016 Angels Preview: Kole Calhoun

Kole Calhoun has, after three partial seasons and one full season, turned into the very player that everyone expected him to be. An above-average fielding, solid hitting right fielder who is an important part of the current Angels roster. What? That wasn’t what was expected of him? Oh, that’s right, he was expected to be no […]

Fare Thee Well, Erick Aybar

For the past 10 seasons, The Angels roster has seen quite a bit of turnover. From the subtraction by addition move that brought Vernon Wells to Southern California, to the slick maneuvering that brought Mark Teixeira to the team in 2008 to the unfortunate byproduct of bad decisions that led to Nick Adenhart becoming an […]

Series Preview: Angels vs. Rangers vs. Last Chance Blueprint

158 games down, four to go, and I am totally unprepared for the craziness that awaits us fans this weekend. Like most of you, I had given up on the idea of the playoffs in August…Then September happened. Then the Astros faltered. Then the Angels made up a bunch of ground on the Rangers. Now […]

MWAHdcast Episode 7: Angels Circling The Drain

The Angels are back to .500, so obviously that means that it is time for MJ Lloyd and I to get together and talk on the internet about the team. We fought through allergies and dogs for this episode. Who knew that recording earlier in the day could be such a hassle.

Show breakdown:

  • State of the Angels – Slumps are everywhere, man. Not one Angels starting pitcher has n ERA below 5.00 over the last four weeks. Not even Matt Shoemaker who has been lights out in his last two starts. Three Angels hitters have an OPS over .800 over the last four weeks, and Mike Trout just barely makes it with his hitting coming around over the last week. Oh, and Albert Pujols. Yeah, we’re pretty sure that his June is an anomaly. We’re optimistic, we can’t help it.
  • Kaleb Cowart – After looking lost in his first four games in the big leagues, Cowart has amassed a slash line of .308/.419/.500 in the nine games since. Then he promptly gets benched when David Freese comes back. Makes all kinds of sense. If (when) the Angels fall out of the playoff hunt, MJ and I have a bet as to who will play more games when the playoffs become impossible, Freese or Cowart.
  • GM hunt – My money is on a Ruben Amaro Jr.-type of GM. At which point, I will throw a legitimate temper tantrum.

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MWAHdcast Episode 6: Slump City

After a one month hiatus for no good reason whatsoever, MJ Lloyd and I got back together last night to record a new episode of the MWAHdcast. You can tell us in the comments how much you missed us.

Here’s a breakdown of how the show went:

  • State of the Angels – Second place or bust, the C.J. Wilson injury and left field still looking a lot like Matt Joyce.
  • Mike Trout Propaganda Machine – Slump city.
  • Trade Rumor – The Angels are keeping tabs on Chase Utley. MJ wants Utley. MJ might possibly be Bill Stoneman.

You can follow the show on SoundCloud, or you can subscribe to the show on iTunes. Follow MJ (@MnkysThrwngDrts), Monkey With A Halo (@MonkeyWithAHalo) and myself on Twitter and you can email the MWAHdcast at MWAHdcast [@] gmail [dot] com.

Series Takeaways: Chasing Tails

Just when we thought it was safe to believe in the Angels, they go and get swept by the perpetually mediocre Chicago White Sox. Of course Chris Sale would find his form in his game one start against the Angels. Of course Carlos Rodon would show his promise in his game two start against the […]

Series Preview: Angels vs. White Sox vs. Regression

Hello, winning. I have you missed you so much. After dropping six straight games to the Astros and Dodgers, and three straight series starting with the Rangers series on July 24th, the Angels have won four of the last six games and their last two series. At the same time, the Astros are sputtering. The ‘Stros […]

Series Takeaways: Angels Get Back to Winning

Boy, was this series ever a Rollercoaster ride. At first I was all like, “Dudes. They beat Corey Kluber. The Angels are totally back.” Then I was all like, “Three hits in 12 innings? We suck again.” Then I was all like, “WOOOOOOOOOOO! WALK OFF!” It was a crazy series. I’m still detoxing. Boxscore Breakdown Game […]

Series Takeaways: MVP’s “R” Us

Everything was going so good until that Rangers series, wasn’t it. The Angels had a two game lead on the Astros, they seemingly couldn’t lose, all of my loans were getting passed. It was like living in dreamland. Then…Rangers. And then, Astros. And now, Dodgers. Losing streaks are the worst. Losing streaks are so bad […]

C.J. Wilson Out For the Season

Just when it looked like C.J. Wilson and season couldn’t get any worse, he has season ending surgery…AND TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF! Sounds like CJ Wilson is expecting to have surgery and be out for the season. — Jeff Fletcher (@JeffFletcherOCR)

Angels Trade Wishlist: Trading is For Suckers

With the trade deadline fast approaching, the writers at MWAH thought we’d all get together and do a roundtable of the trades we would like to see happen and call it our Angels Trade Wishlist. This was going to be one piece, but apparently we are all so amped for the deadline that each and […]

Series Preview: Angels vs. Mariners vs. Marine Layer

Winning sure is fun, isn’t it. The Angels now boast a 7-1-1 record over their last nine series, the last two of them being sweeps over the Rangers and Rockies, giving them a five game winning streak and a tidy 9-1 record over their last 10 games. Astros, objects are not always closer than they […]

MWAHdcast: Episode 5 – Pension Edition

You know what isn’t fun? Work schedules. Especially when they are in direct conflict with a podcasting schedule. Take it from me, kids, bosses just don’t understand. But we make the time, and last night, Garrett stepped in for my partner MJ for the fifth episode of the MWAHdcast. There was so much news in […]

Albert Pujols: Home Run Derby Veteran

With all of the worrying yesterday about Mike Trout and his pending decision on whether he will or will not participate in the Home Run Derby, I went and forgot that his dinger partner in the lineup, Albert Pujols, also has a statistically good case for being included in the extracurricular festivities next week in […]

Dear Mike Trout, don’t do the Home Run Derby

For the fourth straight season, Mike Trout is an All-Star. For the third straight season, Mike Trout is starting the All-Star game. For the first time, there is an Angels player on the starting roster with him, albeit by default, in Albert Pujols. For the second straight season, there is speculation and wonder as to […]