Potential Angels general manager candidates

Even though there is a month left in the season, the general manager search is ramping up in Anaheim. With so many reports and whispers about how undesirable the position is throughout the league, the Halos are wise to start early, but they are going to have to cast a wide net. As such, here […]

Boxscore Breakdown #131: Total collapse – Athletics 11, Angels 5

The collapse of the Angels in August is now complete. That isn’t to say that the collapse is only now official, rather it means that August is done. The Angels are now free to continue collapsing into September and there is little reason to think that they won’t. In fact, their collapse has now reached […]

Series Preview: Angels vs. Athletics vs. The Brink

The Angels are on the brink of falling out of playoff contention. What better team to draw for a series than the team with the worst record in the American League? Oh, sure, the A’s have a +12 run differential and the Angels are at a -18. What’s a mere 30 run differential between division […]

Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 22

The Angels Player Power Rankings had a really bad month of August but we promise to try hard not to keep embarrassing ourselves over the final month of the season. NOT LISTED: Drew Rucinksi (professional innings soaker upper)

Boxscore Breakdown #130: Mistakes by the lake – Indians 9, Angels 2

Great, now the Angels can’t even catch routine flyballs. On two separate occasions the Angels just up and dropped a flyball because they lost it in the sun. That is fitting because the Angels themselves are quite lost. They just can’t do anything right anymore. The outfield defense is one of the few undeniably strong […]

Boxscore Breakdown #129: Why? – Indians 8, Angels 3

Why? Someone, please, tell me why. Why do we root for this stupid team? I’m sure this is mostly frustration and recency bias speaking, but I can’t recall an Angels team that I’ve hated more than the 2015 incarnation. OK, well, at least during the Scioscia era, some of those Collins era teams were pretty […]

Boxscore Breakdown #128: Doubled up – Indians 3, Angels 1

So what if the answer to “when will the Angels offense come around” is “never?” Everyone is waiting for the Halos to find something resembling an actual consistent offense, not even a good offense, just an offense that doesn’t have everyone on no-hitter watch for the first four innings of the game, at least. They […]

Second Guessing Scioscia – Bunt Party!

Welcome to Second Guessing Scioscia, our look back at some of the questionable decisions that Mike Scioscia made in the last week. And, boy, there are some questionable decisions to be reviewed. In the history of this column, we have never once struggled for content. However, we aren’t anti-Scioscia, but we aren’t exactly pro-Scioscia either. In particular, we […]

Boxscore Breakdown #127: The slipper fits, again – Angels 2, Tigers 0

Everyone’s favorite Cinderella starting pitcher is back, fully shod in his glass slippers. The pumpkin form of Matt Shoemaker got shipped down to Triple-A about two weeks ago, but whilst there he discovered a way to turn the clock back before midnight and once again looked like the oft-dominant pitcher we saw last season. With a […]

Do the Angels care? The Monkey investigates…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to investigate some very grievous charges that have been levied against the 2015 Angels. During their recent losing spree, very serious accusations of playing with no heart, aggravated gutlessness, premeditated lack of urgency and, worst of all, conspiracy to not care have been made by fans and players alike. We here […]

Boxscore Breakdown #126: Avoiding the inevitable – Tigers 5, Angels 0

The Angels narrowly avoided getting no-hit by Justin Verlander, but only barely. Even with so little time left in the season it seems like this avoidance was just temporary. There isn’t an Angels fan out there who would disagree that ending up on the wrong side of a no-hitter is the manifest destiny for this feast-or-(mostly) […]

How the Angels offense lost its balance

The Angels have a lot of problems right now, but one problem that has plagued them most of the season is that the Angels offense, well, it sucks. It is one of the most bizarre developments of the 2015 season considering that the Angels offense was one of the best in all of baseball last year. […]

Boxscore Breakdown #125: Fired up? – Angels 8, Tigers 7

The narrative from this game is that Jered Weaver “fired up” the Angels by pulling his typical redass act and screaming at everyone in the dugout after Mike Trout and Kole Calhoun had a miscommunication in the outfield. This display of rage and frustration allegedly inspired the team. Here are the things that happened after […]