Monkeying around with the most important Angels road trip of the year

The Angels are a mess. They have been an embarrassment on the road since the All-Star break going 1-12. They then embarrassed themselves again in their last homestand, losing four in a row and setting franchise records for how badly they got their butt whipped by the Jays. Now they get the privilege of going […]

Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 21

The Angels Player Power Rankings get literal this week because the Angels players are rank. A powerful rank. Seriously, you guys, this team stinks. NOT LISTED: Nick Tropeano (spotty spot start duty)

Boxscore Breakdown #122: Walked all over – Blue Jays 9, Angels 2

What happens when you walk four batters in one inning? You set yourself up to get metaphorically walked all over the rest of the game. That’s what happened for Hector Santiago and the Angels who once again dug themselves an early hole that the offense was totally incapable of digging the team out of. Blue […]

Second Guessing Scioscia – Criminal Intent

Welcome to Second Guessing Scioscia, our look back at some of the questionable decisions that Mike Scioscia made in the last week. And, boy, there are some questionable decisions to be reviewed. In the history of this column, we have never once struggled for content. However, we aren’t anti-Scioscia, but we aren’t exactly pro-Scioscia either. In particular, we […]

Boxscore Breakdown #121: Snake eyes – White Sox 8, Angels 2

The Angels had won three in a row coming into this game, but did so on the back of a whole lot of luck. Well, Thursday night the Angels rolled snake eyes. The hard luck offense fell on even harder luck. The overachieving rotation was let down by the defense and by the BABIP gods. […]

Previewing the Angels September call-ups

It isn’t even September yet and the Angels have already begun raiding their minor league system, the bountiful rich resource that it is, for roster reinforcements. As such, we better preview the Angels September call-ups now before the Halos run through them all first. The Not-Really-Call-Up Call-Ups Matt Joyce – Yeah, that’s right, we may not […]

Boxscore Breakdown #120: Repellent Shark – Angels 1, White Sox 0

Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster, what a disastrous night for the Angels offense. A night after they scored five runs on five hits, the Angels didn’t go down in order until the seventh inning. Of the first 15 outs they made, 10(!) came with runners in scoring position, so they basically spent most of the […]

Boxscore Breakdown #119: Grounded – Angels 5, White Sox 3

Huston Street said fans shouldn’t doubt this team. We all just needed to take a step back from their recent struggles and get a little perspective. One could say we just needed to be grounded a little bit. Well, Garrett Richards took that literally and grounded the Angels and the White Sox. After his recent […]

Talking myself into a Chase Utley trade

I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit this, but I think I might have talked myself into a Chase Utley trade for the Angels. Normally such a deal would go against every single shred of my moral fiber, but sometime in the last few weeks, I unwittingly came around to the idea. I don’t know if […]

Boxscore Breakdown #118: Barely enough – Angels 2, White Sox 1

Sometimes barely enough is all you need. You might even say it enough. That’s some great kind of circular definition, eh? Well, barely enough appears to be all the Angels are capable of lately. The Halos never manufactured a run in this game, they just made good contact twice. They got the win, but they […]

Series Preview: Angels vs. White Sox vs. Panacea

We all know the Angels have been dreadful on the road in the second half, so that means coming home from their devastating road trip will cure everything that ails them, right? I mean, they kind of need it to be because they don’t have anything else at their disposal to serve as a panacea. […]