The Buck Stops Here; Athletics cool off hot Angels, win 6-0

After coming out of the All-Star break red hot and looking nearly unstoppable the Angels have continued their bi-polar act of looking amazing one day and looking like a little league team of rejects the next. A multitude of errors mixed with an inability to hit the ball led to the Angels dropping the final […]

Mike Trout and the All-Star Phenomenon

The All-Star break is a long standing tradition, and in the game of baseball tradition is something held very close to the game. The history and tradition behind baseball is unlike any other sport, which is why the MLB All-Star festivities stand above all other sports. The NBA All-Star tradition is one that rivals the […]

Angels end 1st half with sweep by the Mariners, lose 4-3

After hitting a hot streak and looking like a legitimate contender for .500 1st half (don't laugh) they end the run with a sweep in Seattle. Despite ending the 1st half on the season under .500 and facing an ugly sweep against the Mariners the Angels are still in a decent spot to make a […]

Weaver snuffs out Red Sox 3-0 On ESPN; SoCal rejoices

The Angels have finally done something special on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball that they haven't done in a while; win in glorious fashion. Before the Angels were near perfecto-d by Chris Sale before barely escaping that fate only to still face an embarrassing loss. Angels usually can't do anything right when playing the media's favorite […]

Angels atone for season, sweep Astros 3-1

Coming into this season everyone was sure the Angels would be able to use the Astros for the sole purpose of fattening up their record. Prior to this season the Angels had a paltry losing record against the lowly Astros, only to atone for their mistakes with a much needed sweep of the Astros. This […]

Angels blow fantastic start by Blanton, lose 10-9 to Pirates

What a game Despite the Angels taking an early lead on some fielding shenanigans by the Pirates offense that Joe Blanton held marvelously through 7 innings the Angels bullpen was not able to keep it together to give the Angels and Blanton a much needed win. It's a shame to see the Angels lose so […]

Extension Candidate: Jason Vargas

This off-season has proved how hit-or-miss the free agent and trade market can be from year to year. While some guys are still up in the air, like Pujols and Hamilton, some have already brought in more than enough return to justify their signing. One of those Dipoto moves that have proved to be immeasurably […]

A Father’s Day Epic, Angels choke to Yankees 6-5 in 9th

Jesus Christ what a game. A highly un-Weaver-like start made it seem like the Angels were down and out for the count very early on, and that held up all the way until the 9th inning. A monster of an inning led the Angels to rally for 5 runs while down 6-0 to come one […]

Angels crushed by Boston homers; lose 10-5 to Red Sox

Thanks to an incredibly uninspired start by Joe Blanton, which can ultimately be attributed to a terrible managerial decision to allow him to kick the superb Jerome Williams out of the rotation in order to keep the now 1-10 Blanton in the rotation. So many times did the Angels battle to keep themselves within fighting […]


Trade Candidate: Howie Kendrick

With the trade season slowly but surely coming into view the internet is bound to explode with an ocean of trade musings. Some of them valid, some of them creatively interesting, but most of them shallow and uneducated. This just comes with the territory of the trade deadline, everyone seems to enjoy playing armchair GM […]

Remember When? Angels topped by Astros 5-4

Remember how this past winter every Angel fan was salivating at the thought of being able to eat up the Houston Astros? We should be used to the fact that as Angel fans nothing will come to us as expected. Following that trend, the Angels have been absolutely pathetic against the Houston Astros this season […]

An unstoppable force; Angels sweep KC 5-2

The Angels have tacked on another win to an ever growing streak that looks more and more like an unstoppable force at the wins continue to pile on. I've been saying this team has the potential to go on a 15 win streak and get in the playoff race in a matter of weeks, not […]


Why the Pujols contract isn’t as bad as you think

A lot of conversation these past two months have revolved around Albert Pujols and his declining performance. The man is a mess of injuries, pressure, and unfair media scrutiny. I recently wrote about how all this could be worked through in an article from last week. One of the talking points was sticking Pujols in the […]

Sunday Funday, Thank the Lord; Angels dirty White Sox 6-2

After a rather tumultuous series against the White Sox the Angels managed to keep the final game of the series under their control the entire 9 innings to record a much needed win. New ace of the staff Jason Vargas put up another 0'fer in 7 IP, though he lost his command at times leading […]


What in the world to do with Albert Pujols?

Wow. Who would have thought we'd be seeing headlines like that only two years into the Pujols contract. Most people speculated we wouldn't be seeing any significant problems with him until about 5-6 years into the contract. It seems now that the Angels have some serious deliberating to do on the topic of what is […]