Keys to second-half success

Unless you’re name is Mike Trout, or you live within the fictional television world with perfect wealthy parents and a perfect home-life, no one is going to hand you the keys to a car.  Neither am I.    But I hope this makes you feel better.  If the second half of the season were a […]


The Rising and Falling of Prospects (#10-1)

10. RHP Cam Bedrosian – Rising.  Bedrosian’s been beyond dominant in the minor this season and has earned his shot in the majors.  Now I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Bedrock is basically a Kevin Jepsen clone.  He throws hard, has the offspeed pitches to get outs and the demeanor to close games.  Unfortunately, […]

The Rising and Falling of Prospects (#19-11)

19. RHP Michael Clevinger – Rising.  His stock had nowhere to go but up after missing an entire year due to rehab from Tommy John surgery.  Clevinger still comes fully loaded with the four-pitch mix that made him an interesting prospect in the Angels system, and so far between A Ball and Advanced A ball, […]


The Rising and Falling of Prospects (#30-20)

Prospects are a little like investing in the stock market.  You gamble on young players, just the way you would on stocks.  You diversify your portfolio just as you diversify your prospects in your system.  Some will have a very low floor and a very high ceiling, like high school players with a lot of […]


Angels Mid-Round Draft Picks

Yesterday, we explored the Angels top three selections of the draft.  Today, we’ll give you brief rundowns on some notable mid-round selections the Angels made in last week’s draft. Fourth Round RHP Jeremy Rhoades – Rhoades looks like a reliever to me.  He has a high impact, high effort, cross his body, almost fall off […]


The Angels 2014 draft in review

The Angels system is barren in AA/AAA of projectable young pitchers.   Clearly, this year’s draft was meant to rectify this situation, as the Angels not only went pitching heavy, they drafted a majority of college players who likely could find themselves in AA to begin next year.  For the most part, they sacrificed upside in […]


Who will the Angels draft?

With the draft just around the corner, there have been plenty of mock drafts published that predict the Angels will sign this player or that.  Most of these mock drafts are heavy on prospect knowledge and light on organizational knowledge.  So let’s try to bridge that gap.  Teams draft players not only based on their […]


2013 Angels Draft: A Year Later

The MLB draft is coming up in less than a week and the Angels have the highest pick they’ve had in years at #15.  The Halos are typically accustomed to operating without a 1st round pick because of their activity in the free agent market, so Angels fans should enjoy this luxury.  It may not […]

2010 XM All-Star Futures Game

A look Back – 2010 Angels top prospect rankings

Memories!  The year was 2010, Bruno Mars Loved You Just the Way You Are and Toy Story 3 brought tears to the eyes of every twenty-something that grew up on Tom Hanks and Tim Allen voicing Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  For the […]


Despite reputation, Angels farm system still producing talent

Being your go-to site for Angels prospects comes with certain responsibilities, none more infamous than our annual Top 30 Prospect Lists/Scouting Reports.  It isn’t necessarily that we believe our word here at MWAH is the be-all-end-all, we’re perfectly aware that any prospect evaluation is simply a snapshot in time of a certain player and an […]

Baseball: Arizona Fall League-Fall Stars Game

Angels Minor League Update: Three-Headed Monster

Henceforth, when I refer to the three-headed monster, it shall be known as Mike Morin, R.J. Alvarez and Cam Bedrosian.  Just when you think you have a favorite, the other two do something to absolutely amaze you.  When those three fully arrive with the Angels, I believe we’ll be witnessing the best Angel bullpen in a decade.  Just […]


Eye on the Angels Minor Leagues 2014

This is the first of what will likely be a common series giving Angels fans quick tidbits on their minor leagues as observed by MWAH Prospect Analyst Scott Allen. Triple-A Salt Lake The Bees have a slough of players/prospects who will contribute at the major league level this year.  On the mound, I’ll be keeping […]

Bold AL Standings Predictions

Admit it, you’ve read a hundred of these already.  Everyone has an opinion and while you usually abstain from reading about their beliefs, you make an exception at the beginning of the season to see who is crazy enough to actually put into print something truly bold that will either make you happy, angry or […]

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The fallacy of the Angels’ lack of rotation depth

It’s odd.  When reading about the Angels pitching staff, or rotation more specifically, it comes with the caveat “lacks depth”.  I understand why the national media says this, their job isn’t to focus on the Angels specifically.  But it has been reprinted so many times now that I’m wondering why no one has bothered to […]

Top 10 Angels minor league developments from spring training

Keeping up with the minor leagues can be a daunting task for any fan.  In truth, there are a lot of talented players but few that will ever be major leaguers and even fewer who will be productive major leaguers.  As you’ve no doubt been told, the Angels minor league system ranks among the worst […]