Halo Headlines – 12/31/09

The Story: Fernando Rodriguez was named MiLBY Double-A Reliever of the Year.  The Monkey Says: That award isn’t as cool as it sounds since Fernie more or less washed out at Triple-A last season and didn’t have much success in his brief audition in the majors.  He certainly seems to have good stuff, but he […]

Angels All-Decade Suck Squad

I don’t know if you have heard, but the decade is ending.  You’d think people would be making a bigger deal out of this seemingly significant but actually totally insignificant event.  Oh, they are?  Right.  Since you are probably tired of reading all the “Best of” decade lists, let’s flip the script and take a […]

Halo Headlines – 12/29/09

The Story: The Angels are only getting about one statistical win by signing Fernando Rodney.  The Monkey Says: This signing just keeps looking better and better. The Story: The Fernando Rodney signing is already being rated one of the worst of the season.  The Monkey Says: Ugh.  Just, ugh. The Story: The Darren Oliver signing […]

Halo Headlines – 12/28/09

The Story: Economics have changed for the Angels.  The Monkey Says: The fact that the Angels have been outbid on several of their own free agents certainly seems to go hand in hand with the fact that the team actually lost money this year, so anyone still holding their breath in hopes of a big […]


That’s is it?  Fernando Rodney is your solution to fixing the bullpen?!?!  If anyone should know that save totals don’t necessarily translate to actual effectiveness and value it is Tony Reagins and the Angels, yet they go out and make a knuckleheaded move like signing Rodney.  This move fails on just so many levels, I […]

Halo Headlines – 12/24/09

The Story: The Angels agreed to a two-year, $11 million deal with reliever Fernando Rodney.  The Monkey Says: The Angels finally get some bullpen help and Rodney racked up 37 save in 38 opportunities, so he certainly qualifies, but that doesn’t mean this was a great investment by Tony Reagins.  I’ll have a more in-depth […]

Halo Headlines – 12/23/09

The Story: The Angels are in serious talks with reliever Fernando Rodney.  The Monkey Says: At least the Angels are finally addressing their bullpen, but I really don’t like Rodney at all.  He is essentially a right-handed version of Brian Fuentes and would create a closer controversy if signed even if the Halos claim he […]

Oliver Out, Anyone In?

The Angel free agent exodus continues with Darren Oliver becoming the latest Halo veteran to take the money and run to and Angel rival.  Oliver had been the only consistently bright spot of last season’s otherwise dismal relief corps.  Now all that remains in the bullpen is darkness and no obvious plan for how to […]

Halo Headlines – 12/22/09

The Story: Darren Oliver is signing with the Texas Rangers.  The Monkey Says: Seeing how Oliver was the only reliable reliever in the Angel pen last year, this is a pretty serious blow.  DO is rumored to be getting a one-year, $3.5 million deal, which if true is actually a slight pay cut for him […]

Angels X-Mas List

I know it is a little late, but it is time to send Santa my Christmas list- Angels style.  There are twelve days of Christmas so I’ve got twelve items on my personal wishlist of things I would like to see happen for the Angels this holiday season: A fifth starter.  And not one of […]

Halo Headlines – 12/21/09

The Story: Darren Oliver is reportedly close to signing with the Texas Rangers.  The Monkey Says: And this hits just keep coming as the Angels lose yet another key member of their 2009 roster to a divisional rival.  The Angels could have prevented this by offering Oliver arbitration but declined to do so.  Hopefully they […]

Halo Headlines – 12/18/09

The Story: Trevor Reckling is drawing comparisons to Al Downing.  The Monkey Says: The Angels should be so lucky.  There is a ground swell of support for Reckling to win the fifth starter job this season, but he is still just a kid at 20 years old, so I would be surprised to see the […]

Halo Headlines – 12/17/09

The Story: Angel scouting director Eddie Bane gives his opinion of Cuban lefty Aroldis Chapman.  The Monkey Says: The quote that sums it all up, “with Kendry in our system we think it would be a nice fit if Aroldis and his group think it would be.”  In other words, the Angels will be going […]

Godzilla vs. Super Vlad!!!

I feel bad for Hideki Matsui, I really do.  The poor guy wins the World Series MVP for the Yankees and then gets unceremoniously kicked to the curb.  Then when the Angels scoop him up his arrival is totally overshadowed by the furor of the team losing out on John Lackey, Roy Halladay and Cliff […]

Halo Headlines – 12/16/09

The Story: Why is Boston so excited over John Lackey?  The Monkey Says: I love the analogy that Lackey is only “history class hot.”  Let’s face it, the Red Sox overpaid for Lackey, but they are in much better shape with him as their third starter whereas the Halos would have been relying on him […]

Don’t Blame Tony Reagins… Yet

Judging the mob of angry Angel fans that seem ready to mobilize after yesterday’s events, it looks like it is going to be a rough Christmas at the Reagins house.  After losing out on John Lackey, Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee all within the space of two hours, the ire of Angel fans is being […]

Halo Headlines – 12/15/09

The Story: John Lackey has signed with the Boston Red Sox for five years and $85 million.  The Monkey Says: Big John is taking the coward’s way out by signing with the team he never really could beat.  On a related note, he is now dead to me. The Story: The Angels have reportedly come […]

BREAKING NEWS: Angels Closing in on Hideki Matsui

On the same day that the Angels might be watching John Lackey bolt for Boston, the Angels could be introducing a brand new slugger to their line-up.  ESPN is reporting that the Angels are in “serious” discussions with Hideki Matsui to become LAA’s new designated hitter.  The report says that the Angels are talking about […]

BREAKING NEWS: John Lackey About to Sign With Boston

The Twitterverse is, well, atwitter with news that John Lackey is in Boston to take a physical for the Red Sox.  For those who might be thinking that John is just traveling a long way to turn his head and cough for no real reason, a physical is usually the last step a free agent […]

Halo Headlines – 12/14/09

The Story: Reliever Jose Arredondo will miss the 2010 season to have Tommy John surgery.  The Monkey Says: That certainly explains why Dondo struggled so much last season.  While most pitchers come back strong (if not stronger) from TJ surgery, this clearly puts a damper on Arredondo’s status as a potential future closer for the […]