Guess the Winter Meeting (Fake) Quote

Unbeknownst to the Winter Meeting attendees in Indianapolis, we at actually had every inch of the hotel rigged with hidden listening devices.  We’ve used all of our covert expertise to breakdown what really went down at the meetings and selected a few choice quotes we overheard to help summarize the Angels’ Winter Meeting escapades: […]

Halo Headlines – 12/11/09

The Story: Vladimir Guerrero and Scot Shields were both named to Sports Illustrated’s All-Decade Team.   The Monkey Says: Let’s hear it for a national media source not just focusing on exclusively on the Red S0x and Yankees. The Story: interviews former Angel announcer Rex Hudler.  The Monkey Says: The Wonder Dog talks about […]

Halo Headlines – 12/10/09

The Story: John Lackey looks like he is going to have to wait a bit before he gets his big contract.  The Monkey Says: Many teams are interested in Big John, but his lofty asking price is scaring most of them off.  The notion that he will sign a one-year deal to try again next […]

It’s the Bullpen, Stupid

Ace pitchers, power hitters and lead-off men, oh my!  Tony Reagins is working his butt of at the Winter Meetings to upgrade the Angel roster but he seems to be forgetting one key fact… it’s the bullpen, stupid!!! Get used to seeing more blown saves if the Halos really think they can bring back the […]

Halo Headlines – 12/9/09

The Story: Why did the Mariners sign Chone Figgins?  The Monkey Says: I can answer that without even reading the article.  Figgy is perfect for their ballpark and came at a solid price.  Not to mention Seattle has to love screwing the Angels in the process. The Story: Kelvim Escobar is on the comeback trail… […]

Handicapping the Winter Meetings

The Winter Meetings have reached a fever pitch here in Day 2.  The Angels have been linked to a lot of different players and moves, but what are the odds that they actually complete any of those deals either now or after the meetings come to an end?  Let’s take a look at each rumor […]

Halo Headlines – 12/8/09

The Story: The Angels have been heavily linked with Jason Bay after the first day at the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis.  The Monkey Says: Reports vary as to just how much contact the Halos have made with Bay, but it seems pretty obvious that they are highly interested in bringing him on board, though I […]

The Figgins Fallout

It isn’t quite official, but it will be momentarily, but Chone Figgins, the Angel leadoff man extraordinaire, is about to become the FORMER Angel leadoff man extraordinaire as he defects northward to the AL West rival Seattle Mariners.  But the pain doesn’t stop there.  Losing Figgins doesn’t just cost the Halos their sparkplug but creates […]

Halo Headlines – 12/7/09

The Story: The Angels are working hard to trade Gary Matthews.  The Monkey Says: That would be a great early Christmas present, but will probably end up being more like a lump of coal in some other team’s stocking, even if the Angels pay the rest of GMJ’s onerous contract. The Story: Gary Matthews has […]

Angels Letting Hot Stove Go Cold, About to Lose Figgins

The Winter Meetings can’t get here soon enough because the Angels are boring the crap out of me this off-season.  This is supposed to be the time of year where the Hot Stove League is in full effect, but for the Angels, the stove doesn’t even look like it has been turned on.  I’ve been […]

Halo Headlines – 12/4/09

The Story: Baseball America rates the Angel farm system in the bottom half of the league. The Monkey Says: Tell me something I don’t know.  The Angel system hasn’t been good for the last year or two after graduating so many prospects and it is going to take time for it to recover but they […]

No Arbitration for You!

What does a guy have to do to get offered salary arbitration? Career year?  Check. Locker room leader?  Check. Clutch performances?  Check. Offer salary arbitration?  ACCESS DENIED!!!!!  No salary arbitration for you, Darren Oliver! No soup arbitration for you!!! Come back, one year!!! In a season where the Angel bullpen was left in shambles by […]

Halo Headlines – 12/3/09

The Story: Former Angel announcer Rex Hudler is holding two book signings next weekend.  The Monkey Says: Go out and by Rex’s book and give Hud a thanks for his years of service if you are so inclined. The Story: continues their interview with Angel personnel director Abe Flores.  The Monkey Says: The most […]

Halo Headlines – 12/2/09

The Story: The Angels will likely have to find an ace from within next season.  The Monkey Says: Barring a Halladay trade, that appears to be the case.  However, I am already getting a little tired of the Angels trying to paint Jered Weaver (or any other Angel pitchers) as aces.  He might be #1 […]

Angels Lack Options

The Angels have some very tough decisions to make this off-season.  We all know they have to figure out whether or not to bring back Chone Figgins, John Lackey and Vladimir Guerrero but the difficult choices go even deeper for the Halos.  As they wrestle to figure out who will lead the roster, they’ll also […]

Halo Headlines – 12/1/09

The Story: Lyle Spencer anticipates a big bounce back season for the Angel bullpen.  The Monkey Says: A healthy Scot Shields and a return to form by Jose Arredondo will certainly help, but the fact of the matter is Brian Fuentes is effing shaky and will hold the bullpen back from being anything other than […]

Angel Things to be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving now come and gone and by tryptophan-induced coma wearing off I think it is important to take a little time to reflect on things I am thankful for this year.  I suppose I could talk about my family and world peace, but I think we all know that the Angels take real priority, […]

Halo Headlines – 11/30/09

The Story: Rex Hudler remains upbeat after his firing from the Angel broadcast booth.  The Monkey Says: The Wonder Dog sounds positive and upbeat?  I don’t believe you.  Rex’s days with the Halos might be over, but he is bound to land on his feet either in broadcasting or as a motivational speaker. The Story: […]

Halo Headlines – 11/25/09

The Story: Earl Bloom thinks the cost for Roy Halladay will be too high.  The Monkey Says: His solution is just to start calling Jered Weaver the number one starter.  I had no idea all you had to do is starting calling a pitcher an ace and he becomes one.  Weaver is a fine pitcher, […]

Is the Price Right for Roy Halladay?

Let the bidding begin!  Roy Halladay hunting season is officially open and the Angels and Tony Reagins are decked out in their hunting gear and armed to the teeth to go and catch them an ace from north of the border.  The Angels tried to poach Halladay from Toronto once before but find the cost […]