Would a lifetime contract for Mike Trout have actually been a good idea?

In the wake of Giancarlo Stanton signing his record-breaking 13-year, $325 million contract, I can’t help but recall that report from earlier in the year where the Halos casually let it slip that before signing Mike Trout to a six-year, $144.5 million mega-extension that Trout’s agent actually broached the idea of a lifetime contract for Trout. […]

Questioning Fernando Salas’ 2014 season

Seemingly a throw-in in the Freese-Bourjos swap, Fernando Salas became an underappreciated part of the Angels bullpen turnaround. Not that anyone really noticed. Does anyone realize that Salas had a career yer? Salas became a thing in 2011 when he had a breakout campaign for the Cardinals, he then began to flounder. His walk rate […]

Questioning Erick Aybar’s 2014 season

Erick Aybar got his first ever All-Star nod in 2014 in one of his finest seasons yet. However, it still feels like he isn’t getting the appreciation that he deserves. What gives? Was 2014 Aybar’s best season ever? According to fWAR, yes, but not rWAR or WARP.  They both thought he had a pretty good […]

Questioning Matt Shoemaker’s 2014 season

Matt Shoemaker and his luxuriant beard were the breakout stars of the 2014 Angels. Let’s take a look back at how he went from farm team fodder to a potential franchise building block. How did nobody see Matt Shoemaker coming? Anybody who says they saw Shoemaker’s breakout campaign coming is a liar. There were definitely some […]

The Angels are going to have luxury tax problems in 2016 too

One of the running themes of this offseason is that the Angels are severely limited by their commitment to not breach the luxury tax threshold in 2015. For this reason, the rumors the Angels are involved in aren’t the sexy kind. There is no pursuit of Jon Lester or Max Scherzer. They aren’t even looking at Yasmany Tomas or […]

Questioning Gordon Beckham’s 2014 season

Gordon Beckham was an Angels of just a few weeks in 2014, but could end up being a big part of their plans in 2015 or not part of their plans at all. What are we supposed to make of him? Why did the Angels even acquire Beckham in the first place? One theory is that they […]

Questioning Cory Rasmus’ 2014 season

Is he a reliever? Is he a starter? Cory Rasmus had a successful 2014 as long as your bar for success doesn’t include knowing what his role is. Was Rasmus good as a reliever? Yes, not that anybody noticed, but thanks for asking. Rasmus had a 2.68 ERA and 3.11 FIP as a reliever with a […]

Questioning Efren Navarro’s 2014 season

Efren Navarro was yet another in a surprisingly long line of farmhands who played a role in returning the Angels to the postseason. He also developed a bit of a cult following, though not necessarily for his actual play. So how dumb do I feel for calling Navarro a non-prospect for the last few years? Only […]

Should the Angels try to trade Erick Aybar?

Everyone knows the Angels are looking to trade an infielder this winter. They are said to be open to trading David Freese. They’d be grateful if someone gave them anything of value for Gordon Beckham. They’d be willing to let C.J. Cron go in the right deal. They can’t stop telling reporters that Howie Kendrick is on the […]

Questioning Mike Morin’s 2014 season

The Angels have been waiting on a contingent of relief prospects to arrive in the majors and bolster the bullpen. They finally reaped the first of that crop when they called up Mike Morin early in the season and steadily incorporated him into being a key member of the revamped relief corps. How good is that changeup? […]

Nobody really knows what the Angels will and won’t do this offseason

Do we really know the guidelines Jerry Dipoto is working under this offseason? I think that we think we know, but do we really know? Last offseason, we knew. Angels management said time and time again that they would not do anything that would cause them to forfeit their first round draft pick. They followed through on that […]

Questioning C.J. Cron’s 2014 season

One of several rookies from a supposedly barren farm system to make a contribution in the majors for the Angels, C.J. Cron flashed big power but also big holes in his game. Was C.J. Cron’s rookie campaign a success? The fact that 2014 was his rookie campaign should make the year a success for Cron. […]