The Angels Hockey Connection: Gretzky and McCaskill

The connection between hockey and the Angels runs a little deeper than just Angel Stadium being a stone’s throw from the Honda Center, the home of the Anaheim Ducks. For one, Trevor Gretzky, the son of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, currently plays the outfield for the Angels’ Low-A Burlington Bees team.  A late addition to […]

Jim Abbott has no sympathy for your injured glove hand

Angels outfielder Collin Cowgill was placed on the disabled list today due to a sprained right wrist. Despite this, the left-hand throwing Cowgill was working out in the field throwing, but without a glove on his injured right hand. Former Angels pitcher Jim Abbott saw this news and, well, let’s just say he was not […]

TRADE ALERT: Angels acquire Kirk Nieuwenhuis from Mets

Are you a left-hand hitting outfielder? Are you basically free to acquire? Do you have a pulse? If you answered yes to those questions, the Angels will trade for you! Yes, the Halos made their latest rearrangement of deck chairs with the announcement that the Angels acquire Kirk Nieuwenhuis: Without getting too deep into the stats, just know that Nieuwenhuis […]

Matt Joyce makes sure he will never be late for a game again

Matt Joyce had an embarrassing moment earlier this week when he got scratched from the lineup because he was late for the game. He owned up to the fact that the thought the game was at night, not during the day. It happens to the best of us, but still not something you expect from a […]

Like Father, Like Son

Grantland’s Ben Lindbergh has written a wonderful article about the too short baseball career of Mike Trout’s father, Jeff, and how his experiences on the diamond might help us better understand the incredible successes of his son. Among the great quotes from Jeff and former Angels scout Greg Morhardt—he of the infamous “best player on the planet” scouting report—and […]

BREAKING: Angels give Huston Street contract extension

It took a little longer than expected, but the Angels finally agreed to the Huston Street contract extension they’ve been negotiating for months. The LA Times reports that he’ll be getting a two-year deal worth $18 million: That’s a nice deal for the Halos seeing how talks originally began with Street looking for a four-year deal betweeen $36 and […]

CALL UP ALERT: Angels promote Carlos Perez, DFA Drew Butera

Chris Iannetta, consider yourself officially on notice. The Angels are finally tired of waiting for the roster to come around and have begun calling in the reinforcements in the form of Carlos Perez: Carlos Perez, acquired for Hank Conger this offseason, was killing it in Salt Lake to the tune of a 164 wOBA. That was […]

5/2 Pujols returns Angels lineup

Pujols is back! Yay? Calhoun remains in the clean-up spot. Yay! Aybar remains in the leadoff spot.  (stares daggers at Scioscia) At Iannetta is being given the day off after his catastrophic Friday evening.

GIF: Mike Trout saves Angels from epic bullpen meltdown

You’d think that a 6-0 lead would be safe for just about any team, right? Apparently not, Mike Morin, Vinnie Pestano and especially Huston Street combined their efforts to choke that lead away. Fortunately, the Angels have Mike Trout who made this catch in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded and two […]

4/30 Angels lineup sans Pujols

We knew the Angels lineup was going to be without Albert Pujols for this one and that was going to lead to a strange new batting order. Scioscia did not disappoint: This isn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. Moving Aybar to the top of the order is bad, but I am OK […]

4/26 going for the sweep Angels lineup

The Angels are attempting their first sweep of the season but doing so against a pitcher that already shut them down once. Fortunately, that pitcher is still Nick Martinez and he will probably remember he is Nick Martinez any day now. ???

4/25 #FreeGrantGreen Angels lineup

Grant Green makes his season debut while Matt Joyce keeps dropping down the order, but at least he’s still in the Angels lineup. So, yeah, #FreeGrantGreen. I’m not sure that is even a thing, but he’s getting his first shot tonight. History suggests it might be all the shot gets.

REPORT: (UPDATED) Angels could part ways with Hamilton in ‘matter of days’

Despite all their recent talk about putting Josh Hamilton on a program that would allow him to return to the Angels as soon as June, a Sports Illustrated report now claims via an “industry source” that team could part ways with Hamilton before that program even has a chance to go into effect: Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton, who in February […]

4/23 stupid 4PM start time Angels lineup

It is our first bizarre 4 PM start at home for the Angels, but there is nothing terribly bizarre about the Angels lineup for today: It is the same lineup as last night only with Butera spelling Iannetta and Cron back in instead of Cowgill since Tropeano isn’t an extreme flyball pitcher. Both teams are using […]

4/21 Cowgill bumped up Angels lineup

With the Angels lineup struggling to produce, Mike Scioscia has ever so slightly shaken up the batting order by having Collin Cowgill hit sixth and keeping the slumping Chris Iannetta entrenched in the 8-hole. Will it make a difference? Probably not.

4/20 The Force is with this Angels lineup

It is the same old Angels lineup for facing a righty, but since it is Star Wars night at the Big A, we can only hope (a new hope?) that The Force is with the offense tonight because they need all the help they can get.  I just hope that Jerry Dipoto makes some sort […]

4/17 Calhoun returns Angels lineup

After a day off, the Angels are back at it. So is Kole Calhoun! No more Aybar at leadoff!!! Also, not so much with the Cron, who is totally not in a platoon with Efren Navarro. (Yeah, he’s totally in a platoon with Efren Navarro.)

4/14 still no Calhoun Angels lineup

Kole Calhoun was healthy enough for a pinch-hit RBI single last night, but apparently isn’t healthy enough to play a full game, so he gets another night off. Meanwhile, Drew Rucinski gets to make his first career start, much to the delight of Halos fans everywhere.