A very important (not really) LA Angels Winter Meetings update

The final day of the Winter Meetings are upon us and with that comes this VERY IMPORTANT update on the Angels… … …the Angels have (drum roll, please) not done a damn thing. Yep, nothing.  Not one move.  They haven't signed Greinke or any other starting pitcher.  They haven't even brought in a semi-anonymous middle […]

Five reasons the Angels might still sign Zack Greinke

My weeks-long experiment in cognitive dissonance relating to the odds of Zack Greinke re-signing with the Angels continues as today I present you with five reasons why the Halos still have a shot at landing the pitcher, despite the discouraging reports to the contrary: 1) Maybe he just likes the Angels better. Much has been […]

LA Angels Winter Meetings Shopping List

The Winter Meetings have begun, so let's not screw around with one of trademark meandering intros.  Basically, the Halos need some stuff and the Winter Meetings is where stuff done gets got.  So what exactly do they need and what players might meet those needs? (Also, how many more times can I use the word […]

If the Dodgers want Greinke so badly, why haven’t they signed him already?

If it wasn't obvious by now, I have become completely obsessed with the Angels and their pursuit of Zack Greinke.  Or I should say their aborted pursuit of Greinke because apparently everyone, including the Halos, has decided that the Dodgers are just going to give him all the money in the world.  That's the conventional […]

JeDi strikes again, swaps Walden for Hanson

Most teams don't really start their off-season machinations until the Winter Meetings.  Jerry Dipoto don't care.  Jerry Dipoto does what he wants when he wants and today he continued his ridiculously active off-season by trading talented but erratic young reliever Jordan Walden for talented but risky starting pitcher Tommy Hanson, thus plugging one of the […]

What’s the Angels plan for a rotation without Greinke?

If reports are to be believed, the Angels have gotten a sense of what kind of financial commitment it will take to keep Zack Greinke and decided that they just can't afford him… even though they kind of knew what his price tag would be when they traded for him… and still knew that price […]

Ryan Madson: the new Angels closer or the new Scot Shields?

So you want Ryan Madson to be the new Angels closer, eh?  Well, I suppose that makes some sense.  He does have experience in the role, if your into that sort of thing, and he has a more established track record that incumbent closer Ernesto Frieri.  Such a move would free up Frieri to ease […]

Arguing with myself about whether the Angels should non-tender Jerome Williams

This week, the Angels will have to decide whether or not to tender contracts to all of their arbitration eligible players.  For three players, Kevin Jepsen, Alberto Callaspo and Kendrys Morales, the decision to tender a contract will be a no-brainer.  But the fourth and final candidate, Jerome Williams, presents quite the quandary. It really […]

BREAKING: Angels nearing deal with Ryan Madson

Jerry Dipoto and his aggressive (or is it impatient?) off-season strategy are at it again.  Reports are circulating from multiple outlets that the Angels are on the verge of completing a one-year contract with reliever Ryan Madson. If that proves to be true, and I think after the Haren debacle that we all have learned […]

Know Your Angels Prospects: Offseason Edition

This offseason, when you’re hanging out by the proverbial water cooler (or a real one for that matter) and a coworker (or a random lady in a pants suit with 80's style hair) brings up the Angels, you’ll want to be prepared to discuss their future. And there’s no better way to fool people into […]

A very Angels Thanksgiving

With many people in the post-thanksgiving food coma, the spirit of gratitude may have taken a momentary back seat today to the regrets and lessons of overindulgence. Still, it would be somewhat uncouth to not take stock of our blessings. Sure, it seems that most of the news surrounding the Angels lately has been either […]